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Spice & Easy Meal Starter Spice Mixes Are 25% Off With Code EASYSUMMER

California Paprika

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Our California paprika powder typically comes from a hybrid red pepper that's indigenous to California, though paprika is usually made from a number of different types of red peppers. This blend of paprika is a darker spice blend that's both deep in flavor and red color. 

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Not readily available in the common supermarket, California paprika is widely used in the commercial food industry to enhance or color products and food dishes equally. Try using when making homemade BBQ dry rubs, add it to chili or homemade chili powder blends, or use it as a garnish or add it anywhere a deep rich red color is desired.

California Paprika Q&A

What is California paprika?

California paprika is typically a darker, deeper red blend of paprika powder that's used to enhance red color in many recipes. It's both a bit bittersweet and savory in flavor.

What is the difference between Hungarian and California paprika?

California paprika powder is more of a deep red in color, whereas Hungarian paprika powder has a bit more of an orange tint in color.

Is California paprika the same as smoked paprika?

California paprika is not the same as smoked paprika, as it's not been through any sort of smoking process, despite it's deep red color.

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