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Memphis Rib Rub

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Memphis Rib Rub is a Memphis-inspired seasoning rub with distinct Tennessee BBQ flavor, which includes a good combo of brown sugar & white sugar blended with other BBQ spices, like paprika, garlic, chiles, and salt & pepper. Apply our Memphis dry rub to almost anything before barbecuing or grilling, especially beef, chicken, pork, fish, lamb, tofu or vegetables.

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Generously rub this Memphis BBQ seasoning on beef, lamb, pork, poultry, seafood, tofu, and veggies before barbecuing. If you're ready to break tradition, use this rub to make a mop or sauce. For a twist, use to make dips and dressings, or even sprinkle on popcorn.

Memphis Rib Rub FAQ

What is Memphis dry rub?

Memphis dry rubs usually consist both brown and white sugar, in addition to other typical BBQ spices. However, each family's dry rub recipe varies, which is what makes it so unique to Memphis & Tennessee flavor.

What does Memphis dry rub taste like?

Memphis dry rub is usually sweet-spiced from sugar, paprika, garlic and other blends of spices. A wood smoky flavor is often commonly in Memphis BBQ.

How to grill Memphis dry rub ribs?

To grill Memphis dry rub ribs, generously rub your rack of ribs with Memphis Rib Rub prior to grilling, smoking or barbecuing.

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Brown and white sugar, paprika, kosher salt, garlic, onion, cumin, black pepper, chiles, coriander, ginger, thyme, rosemary, Mexican oregano