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Mexican Cocoa

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Mexican Cocoa powder is inspired by Mexican hot chocolate, which combines Mexican chocolate spices and cinnamon. Our Mexican chocolate powder takes those two classic Mexican hot chocolate flavors & adds in a bit of vanilla powder for added sweetness. Use Mexican Cocoa in your favorite baked goods & desserts, or simply use as a Mexican hot chocolate powder for a cup of hot Mexican cocoa.

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Mexican Cocoa Q & A

What is Mexican hot chocolate?

Mexican hot chocolate is made with Mexican cocoa powder, which has the addition of cinnamon with warm, woody notes.

What is the difference between Mexican Cocoa and regular?

Regular cocoa powder is made from the ground seeds from the pods of the cacoa tree. Mexican Cocoa powder contains cinnamon, making it a spice blend rather than a straight up cocoa powder.

What spice is used in Mexican hot chocolate?

Cinnamon is used with Mexican cocoa powder to make Mexican hot cocoa. In our blend, we also add vanilla powder for extra sweetness.

How do you make Mexican hot chocolate?

To make Mexican hot chocolate, combine 1 Tbsp Mexican cocoa powder with 1 cup of heated milk of your choosing, then stir!

Cooking With Mexican Cocoa

For Mexican Hot Chocolate, use 1 heaping tbsp. per cup of heated milk and sweeten as needed. This blend is also great for baked goods or sprinkling on buttered toast, fruit, and waffles.

Other Names

Mexican Hot Chocolate

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Black Pepper-Free








Dutch cocoa, ceylon cinnamon, Indonesian cinnamon, vanilla powder (corn maltodextrin, vanilla extractives)