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Mexican Oregano

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Mexican Oregano comes from the mint family and is widely used in both Southwest & Mexican cooking. Our variety of dried Mexican oregano is a bit stronger, yet less bitter in flavor than Greek oregano. Use Mexican oregano seasoning to spice up your chili, soup and salsa recipes.

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Mexican Oregano Q&A

What is Mexican oregano?

Mexican oregano is an herb with a pungent and slightly citrus flavor. It comes from theoval-shaped green leaves of the Lippia graveolens plant, an herb that is related to lemon verbena. In New Mexico and California, the leaves of several plants in the Lippia genus are harvested and dried before use.

What's the difference between Mexican oregano and regular oregano?

Mexican oregano is a bit stronger, less bitter and less minty than typical Greek oregano, though both come from the mint family.

What is a good substitute for Mexican oregano?

Other varieties of oregano including Greek can be substituted for Mexican oregano. Marjoram is actually a type of oregano and offers a similar flavor, although it is more delicate and sweeter. Depending on the dish you are making, other herbs commonly found in Italian seasoning including thyme and basil can also be used in place of oregano.

What does Mexican oregano taste like?

Mexican oregano's taste is a bit stronger than regular oregano, and it also has less of a mint flavor and is not as bitter. They also have quite a different aroma as well, despite the visual characteristics being so similar.

How do you use Mexican oregano?

Mexican oregano is commonly used in southwestern and Mexican cooking. Add it in salsas, tacos or burrito fillings. Great in refried beans and soups. Use Mexican oregano in chili powder for a seasoning for chile con carne and other slow cooking stews. When substituting dry Mexican oregano for fresh Mexican oregano, use 1/3 of the amount specified.

Other Names

Wild Marjoram

Puerto Rican oregano

Lippia graveolens

Quick Uses

Croutons: Toss 1/2-inch cubed bread in enough melted butter to lightly coat, and sprinkle generously with Mexican Oregano before baking at 350 degrees until golden and crispy.

Breakfast Hash: Add generously to potatoes, eggs, sausage, and your favorite vegetables to brighten up a hearty breakfast.

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