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Save Big on Spice Sets for Meat Lovers With Today's Deal of the Day!

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Sandra’s Salmon Salad

Recipe By Sandra Batterman, Savory Spice customer

Recipe By Sandra Batterman, Savory Spice customer

This customer-submitted recipe is a refreshing spring or summer dish that's even better the next day after the flavors get a chance to come together in the fridge.

Serving Suggestions

Makes a refreshing lunch with greens, tomatoes, or deviled eggs.

Recipe Notes

*Recipe author recommends Dorothy Lynch® salad dressing if available in your local grocery store.


½ cups dried ditalini pasta (or other small pasta)

2 tsp. one of the following seasonings:

1 (5 oz.) can pink salmon

½ cups mayonnaise

2 Tbsp. French-style dressing*

2 tsp. Dijon mustard

1 stalk celery, diced or minced

Salt & pepper to taste

Savory Spice ingredients in this recipe

  • Capitol Hill Seasoning

    Named after the bustling Capitol Hill neighborhood in Denver, Colorado, this seasoning is a longtime customer favorite. We don’t call it an all-pu...

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  • Tarragon Shallot Citrus Seasoning

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  • Dill Dip

    More than just a dip, this blend is also tasty on chicken, salmon, and other seafood.


Cook pasta according to package directions then drain, rinse with cold water and set aside to cool. If using Tarragon Shallot or Capitol Hill, place in small dish with 2 tsp. water and let sit for about 5 min. to rehydrate; Dill Dip doesn’t need to rehydrate. Place salmon in a bowl and break into fine bits with a fork. Stir in mayonnaise, dressing and mustard; you want this on the soupy side. Add celery and seasoning then fold in cooked pasta. Season with salt & pepper to taste. Cover and chill at least an hour or more if you have time.