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Chiles & Paprikas

Native to the Caribbean, the cayenne pepper is a tropical fruit. It is now also grown in Africa, China, India, Japan, Mexico and in Louisiana here in the States. Cayenne seems high on the heat scale for the average person, but at 40,000 heat units (Scoville) it’s about a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Putting cayenne in the freezer can make it even hotter, so be careful!

We carry ground cayenne, which is reddish orange and commonly referred to as ground red pepper in many recipes. Cayenne will add zest to almost any dish. We suggest working dash to dash; in other words, add a dash and taste, and then repeat until you have the heat level you desire. Great added to chili or curry.

Cayenne Pepper Q & A

What does cayenne pepper do?

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, a compound responsible for the pepper’s spiciness.

How spicy is cayenne pepper?

Cayenne pepper is relatively mild compared to the world’s hottest chili. It is a medium hot chili with a Scoville rating of 30,000 to 50,000 heat units, nestled between serrano peppers and the Thai pepper. When using jalapeño as a reference point, it is about 12 times hotter.

Can cayenne pepper kill you?

Theoretically speaking, eating way too much cayenne pepper can indeed kill you. However, the human body will falter before even reaching that point when you ingest too much.

Does cayenne pepper raise blood pressure?

No, it does not. On the contrary, eating cayenne pepper can actually help lower blood pressure. It opens up blood vessels, helping blood to flow more easily and naturally.

Can I drink cayenne pepper on an empty stomach?

Ingesting cayenne pepper on an empty stomach can irritate your stomach and cause stomach problems. Instead, try eating/drinking cayenne pepper right before eating a meal.

Can I use chili powder instead of cayenne pepper?

Chili powder can be used as an adequate substitute for cayenne pepper since it is made from ground dried chili peppers. However, the composition of chili peppers is quite different from cayenne pepper so it might give a slightly different flavor. Additionally, chili powder is not as hot as cayenne so you might need to add a little more to achieve the appropriate heat level.

What is hotter than cayenne pepper?

According to the Scoville scale, tabasco, red chili, Chiltecpin, Tabiche, Bahamian, Kumataka, Habanero, and Bhut Jolokia (ghost peppers) are all hotter than cayenne pepper, respectively.

Spice Map - Caribbean
Cayenne peppers are native to the Caribbean.

Dietary Information

Black Pepper-Free

Flavor of Cayenne Pepper Chile Powder

Also known as ground red pepper, this spice has medium heat (5-6 on a scale of 1-10) and pairs well with most spices.

Uses of Cayenne Pepper Chile Powder

Add to chili, curry, or any dish that needs zest. Add to taste; in other words, add a dash and taste, repeat until you have desired heat.

Cayenne Pepper Chile Powder Recipe

For 2-3 T of mix: Blend 1 T kosher salt with 1 t paprika, pepper, and dried onion, 3/4 t cayenne and dried garlic, and 1/4 t ground allspice

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