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Flavored Sugars & Sweeteners

Maple Cupcakes with Smoked Sugar Frosting
When it comes to baking (or just your morning oatmeal), flavored sweeteners and infused sugars can be your secret ingredient to take it to the next level.

We have two different types of sweeteners. The first have vanilla, cocoa, and spices added for a little something extra. The second group of sweeteners, like Maple Sugar, are naturally infused with flavors. Let’s unlock the sweet secrets behind these tasty treats.

Where Can I Buy Vanilla Sugar?

If you already know exactly what you’re looking for, great! Shop Vanilla Bean Sugar. If you still have a few questions, read on!

What is Vanilla Sugar Made Of?

Like many of our spices, what makes our Vanilla Bean Sugar so good is a combination of quality ingredients and attention to detail. We infuse our Vanilla Bean Sugar with a combination of extracts and ground vanilla beans and then slowly dehydrate the sandy mixture to allow the vanilla to infuse fully and help the sugar dry to its normal consistency.

Spiced Vanilla Bean Sugar (aka: Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar)

We have a classic Cinnamon Sugar, featuring two different types of cinnamon for maximum cinnamon flavor. But we also make a sugar that we affectionately refer to as "Cinnamon Sugar all grown up". Our Spiced Vanilla Bean Sugar starts with our classic vanilla bean sugar and then we incorporate a variety of sweet baking spices, like cinnamon and allspice, as well as a touch of floral and aromatic cardamom. You can use it exactly how you might use Cinnamon Sugar, in oatmeal or on toast, or in place of white sugar for a touch of warmth.

How to Make Lavender Sugar

If you loved our Lavender Vanilla Bean Sugar, fear not! We are unlocking all of the secrets to that floral flavor. Simply rub 2 Tbsp of Lavender through your fingers or a large sieve to crush them slightly. Then mix with ½ cup of Vanilla Bean Sugar.

Other Flavor Infused Sweeteners

If Vanilla Bean Sugar is, well, too vanilla for you, fear not! We have a range of non-vanilla sweeteners too. Whether you're using them for baking or breakfast (or sweetening your coffee) - you'll want to try these sweet treats.

Pour over coffee with three different jars of flavored sugars

Black Onyx Chocolate Sugar
“If we can make Vanilla Sugar, why can’t we make chocolate sugar?” co-founder Mike Johnston wondered. We swapped vanilla extract for chocolate extract, kept the ground vanilla beans for depth of flavor, and added rich Black Onyx Cocoa Powder. The result? Delicious! This sugar is perfect for sprinkling on top of treats before baking, rimming cocktail glasses, or sweetening your coffee or peppermint tea.

Whiskey Barrel Smoked Sugar
We smoke this sugar in-house in Denver, Colorado using wooden staves from whiskey barrels. Rich, smoky flavor balanced by molasses-like, brown sugar sweetness. Use it to add smoked flavor to sweet and savory dishes. For more insight about how we infuse smoke flavor, read Up In Whiskey Barrel Smoke.

Honey Powder
Honey powder, like liquid honey, can be used as a sweetener or flavoring. Because honey will re-liquify easily when it comes into contact with humid or moist environments, honey powder is made using a process of co-crystallization - meaning that it's blended with a simple syrup to prevent it from re-liquifying. In powder form, the consistency won't impact the texture of the finished product, making it perfect for dry rubs and cake, cookie, or bread mixes. Honey Powder is great for cold applications too, where liquid honey might seize or not incorporate easily. 

Pure Maple Sugar
This tasty Pure Maple Sugar is made by drying maple syrup that has been tapped from the sweet maple tree, and then grinding it into granules. Like our other sugars, you can use it to replace white sugar for more flavorful results. Just maple, nothing added so it has that very distinctive rich flavor. It's delightful in sweet dishes but also a great substitute for brown sugar in savory uses, like if you're making your own barbecue sauce or rub.

Three different flavors of DIY granola


Choose Your Own Adventure Trail Mix
Mix and match your favorite sweeteners and spices for a one-of-a-kind snack mix perfectly suited for hitting the trails or hitting the books (and if you need a little mid-afternoon pick me up at work).

Holiday Chocolate Scones
Black Onyx Chocolate Sugar pulls double duty infusing both the scone dough and the glaze with chocolatey goodness. You'll want to make a double batch of these!

Cinnamon Sugar Twists
These twists are easy to make but just require a lot of turns of the dough to sprinkle with more and more sugary goodness. These would make a fun baking-with-kids project. Experiment with different sugars for extra fun!

Maple Cupcakes with Smoked Sugar Frosting
Pictured at the top of this article, these uniquely flavored cupcakes have a sticky-sweet meringue frosting that's subtly infused with a hint of smoke from Whiskey Barrel Smoked Sugar (which we also suggest sprinkling on top for that "wow" factor).

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