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Free Shipping On All Orders $59+ | 30% off Father's Day Gift Bundles
Here's to New Beginnings…

Here's to New Beginnings…

In September, it will be 14 years since we opened our first shop on Platte Street in Denver, Colorado and our baby is growing up and changing. We’ve always worked to stay innovative by offering new products and focusing on keeping things interesting. In the coming months, you’ll begin to see an even bigger difference as the changes we’ve been working on for over a year to make your Savory experience more fulfilling are introduced - starting with our labels and the addition of more color!


Yellow-green for herbs, a fiery red for chiles & paprikas, Mike’s favorite shade of dark green for barbeque, and orange for the exotic spices and curries of world flavors. Ten colors in total that encompass our line of spices, seasonings, and more. We love this look, but it’s also designed to be more functional in your kitchen. As my mother said, “finally, I’ll be able to actually FIND what I’m looking for in my spice rack!” These categories will be helpful in defining the shopping experience in our stores and online too.



We’re also making changes to our packaging. We have new bags that I absolutely love, as they can stand, hang, or lie flat in a basket or drawer. They’re sturdy and can hold one, two, or three cups of a product. That’s another change that will be helpful to you: selling by volume instead of weight (for example, 1/2 cup jars, 1 cup bags, etc.). Even a novice cook can picture what a cup of something looks like! Although the net weights will still be listed for all products so you will still be able to use that when considering how much spice you need to purchase.

I love the kraft paper backing on our new bags because it reminds me of our original labels, which believe it or not, still exist in my mother’s spice rack. The spices have been refreshed of course, but she saves the original Savory bottles like she does my childhood drawings.


Our original labels from my mom's spice rack - note the date, 9/04, the month and year we opened.
Proud Momma.

Our gift sets are getting their own spring makeover too with new combinations and playful names like ‘Home to Roost,’ ‘Beach Party,’ and ‘Licensed to Grill.’ They’re packaged in easy-to-wrap rectangular boxes (for those of you who have struggled year after year trying to wrap our mountain boxes!). The gift set labels sport beautiful color photos and recipes created right in our Test Kitchen. I’m also psyched about our new specialty sets that combine our spices and seasonings with other Savory goodies like our barbecue sauces and Spice & Easys to create meaningful gifts. It’s a total overhaul and it feels great.



Even though Mike and I started Savory way back in 2004, we feel a renewed sense of energy and excitement this year. With Mike leading our marketing team and product creation, you can expect even more flavorful Spice & Easys, a new look for our BBQ sauces, more seasonal products, and whatever else he dreams up (a big hurray for his recent Whiskey Barrel Smoked Black Pepper and Sugar creations!). As the new President of Savory (girl power!) I am involved in the day-to-day ‘goings on’ here at Savory Headquarters, touching base and keeping connected with all aspects of our business.

You will start to see these changes in stores this month, and the new look and sizing will be available on the website starting in early June.

As always, we continue to be grateful for our employees, store owners, and our customers. Whether you’ve been around since the Platte Street days or only recently joined us online, thank you. You inspire us to work hard, dream up new products and recipes, and to not be afraid to change. We’re “living life full” and hope you are too!

Janet and Mike

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Savory Spice - June 29, 2022

Hi Mary,

Yes, we do. If you select the medium jar as the size you want.

Mary Lambert - June 29, 2022

Do you have the whiskey barrel smoked sugar in a bottle for

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