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Saffron Salt Is Back For February | Free Shipping Now At $49

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Chai Snow Snax Party Mix

Recipe By Dia Sikorski, Savory Spice—Bend, OR


8 servings

Recipe By Dia Sikorski, Savory Spice—Bend, OR

This is our new holiday favorite! It's great for parties, gifts, and travel treats.


1 (12.1 oz.) box Gluten Free Vanilla Chex cereal

2.5 cups pretzel thins, broken in half

1.5 cups sliced or slivered almonds

1 cups toasted coconut flakes

4 cups white chocolate chips

4 Tbsp. coconut oil or butter, melted

Optional addition:

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In very large bowl combine the dry ingredients: cereal, pretzels, almonds, and coconut; if using the crystallized ginger, add it here. In microwave or double boiler, melt white chocolate chips then stir in coconut oil or butter until smooth. Stir in chai seasoning and salt. Pour melted mixture over the cereal mixture and gently toss to coat the dry pieces. Spread coated mixture out evenly onto two large baking sheets and sprinkle with vanilla sugar. Refrigerate for at least an hour until mixture hardens. Break into pieces and store in sealed container in cool dry place.