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Mulled Marmalade

Mulled Marmalade

Mulled Marmalade

Recipe By Miranda Barnett, Savory Spice Test Kitchen


4 cups

Prep Time

5 Minutes

Cooking Time

60 Minutes

Recipe By Miranda Barnett, Savory Spice Test Kitchen

This recipe takes orange marmalade to the next level: the sweet-spiced and woody notes of Merry Mulling Spice Blend add depth to tangy, sweet oranges.


1 lb. oranges (about 2 large), quartered and thinly sliced

1 lemon, zest and juice

Water, to cover citrus

3 cups granulated sugar

Savory Spice ingredients in this recipe

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Step 1: Infuse citrus

Fill Muslin Bag with Merry Mulling Spice Blend and tie closed. Add to a medium pot along with oranges, lemon zest, and lemon juice. Cover with water. Bring to a boil and reduce to a rapid simmer for 40 min., stirring frequently.

Step 2: Thicken marmalade

Set a small plate in the freezer to chill. Remove bag of spices from pot and discard. Return mixture to a boil. Add sugar and boil, stirring constantly, for 15 to 20 min. or until mixture reaches 222 degrees and darkens in color. To test if marmalade is finished, spoon a teaspoon of mixture onto chilled plate and let sit 30 seconds. Marmalade should flow slightly like a soft gel. If the mixture is too thin, continue boiling and test again.

Step 3: Serve and store

Spread finished marmalade on toast, swirl into yogurt, or serve on your next cheese board. Marmalade will keep for 3 to 4 weeks in refrigerator or up to a year if properly canned.