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Pink Peppercorns: Tree Nut Allergen

Pink Peppercorns: Tree Nut Allergen

Every day we continue to educate ourselves is a day that we continue to improve. Recently, two products that we have been selling for nearly 10 years have made the news. In July 2014, we proactively changed the name of our lime leaves, when we learned that their common name is a racial slur in some countries. We now need to share information with you that is very important because, for some people with tree nut allergies, knowing this could be life saving.

Important Information About Pink Peppercorns

Pink peppercorns are related to cashews, information we share as part of our description of them. A scientific study informs us as to how potentially dangerous they can be for people with cashew and pistachio allergies.

Aside from the obvious reasons why this is important, we wanted to share this information so you can take any precautions necessary when it comes to products that contain pink peppercorns. In addition to selling them whole, pink peppercorns are an ingredient in our Four Corners Peppercorns.

This spice blend containing pink peppercorns includes the following educational statement on the label:

"Pink peppercorns are related to cashews and may produce an
allergic response in people with allergies to tree nuts."

In our Denver production facility, we process this seasoning that contains pink peppercorns using separate equipment from the rest of our products. This is the same manner in which we isolate the equipment used in the processing of products that contain dairy.

Consuming pink peppercorns can be dangerous for people with tree nut allergies, which we do not take lightly. However, for most people, pink peppercorns offer a uniquely wonderful flavor and appearance that can’t easily be replaced. With that in mind, where the flavor and appearance of our signature seasonings would not be significantly altered, we revised a few spice blends to remove the pink peppercorns and remedy any potential concerns. The following Savory Spice signature seasonings were revised in 2014 to no longer contain pink peppercorns:

· Cherry Creek Seafood Seasoning
· Pyramid Peak Lemon Pepper

If you purchased the revised blends on or after August 28, 2014, they do NOT contain Pink Peppercorns.


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