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Try New & Improved Shawarma Seasoning | Free Shipping On Orders $49+
Gluten-Free and Nutritional Facts

Gluten-Free and Nutritional Facts

Gluten Free Spices and Seasonings
We are hearing from more and more customers these days that they have found they require a gluten free diet.  We’re happy to say that this is an easy request to accommodate as our spice blends and straight spices are gluten free.  We do not use any forms of gluten in our production facility.

We also do not label our barbecue sauces as gluten-free because they use two ingredients that some people claim contains gluten: vinegar and soy sauce. According to our manufacturer, there are not enough gluten proteins in these ingredients to cause an effect for someone with Celiac disease. The FDA allows products to be labeled as gluten-free in cases like this, however in the spirit of transparency, we have opted not to label these products as gluten-free.

Nutritional Facts
Even with a small amount of spice, we understand that it is important for you to know what you are putting in your body. We have always made the ingredients that we use in our spice blends readily available, but we recently decided to take the next step and have all of our proprietary blends analyzed for nutritional information. We worked with another local Colorado company, On the Menu, to complete this process. For ease of use we chose a teaspoon or a tablespoon, the most commonly used measurements, as the serving sizes which you will find at the top of each panel. These nutritional fact panels are available for each blend on its individual webpage and you can click the panel to enlarge.

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Savory Spice - March 29, 2022

Hi Larry,
The serving size is 3 pieces at 120 calories. The total carbs for that serving size is 21g.

larry oliver - March 29, 2022

what is the carb count and calories by oz of the chocolate dipped ginger please?

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