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New Spice Sets Added at 50% Off This Weekend! Save on 'Round the World or Low & Slow
New Spice Sets Added at 50% Off This Weekend! Save on 'Round the World or Low & Slow

Green Goddess Dip & Dressing

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It's so easy being green. Use our Green Goddess Dip & Dressing mix to make your favorite green goddess salad dressing right at home! Simply mix a packet of green goddess dressing ingredients with mayonnaise, sour cream, lemon juice and milk (if you're making the dressing) for a quick & easy green goddess recipe. Use for salad dressing, or make a green goddess dip for veggies! 

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For a dip, combine Green Goddess Dip & Dressing Mix, mayonnaise, sour cream, and lemon juice in a blender. Blend on high until thoroughly combined, about 20 seconds, scraping the sides as necessary.

To create a dressing, add 1/4 cup milk to mixture and whisk until smooth. If desired, stir in more milk for a thinner consistency.

Serve with: your favorite crudité vegetables or salad.

Serves 8

With Spice 'n Easy meal starter spice mixes, cooking is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just open, spice and serve. Each packet includes the pre-measured spices needed to make a quick, simple and tasty recipe.

Green Goddess Dip & Dressing Q&A

What is green goddess dressing?

Green goddess dressing is lemony, green salad dressing that was created at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA back in 1923. It gets it's green color from adding tons of herbs & blending with lemon, garlic & mayo for a creamy, dressing texture similar to Caesar.

What does green goddess dressing taste like?

Green goddess dressing tastes bright, herbaceous, lemony, garlicky and creamy. It's quite the tangy bite & will easily have you coming back for more.

How do you make green goddess dressing?

Green goddess dressing is made by blending a variety of herbs, lemon, garlic, mayo and sometimes anchovies. Our version is a dry blend of these same herbs and flavors, without the anchovies.

What can you put green goddess dressing on?

Green goddess dressing is largely used to put on salads, but you can also use it as a sauce for meats and vegetables, or as a dip with fresh veggies or crudité.

Dietary Information





Cultured low fat buttermilk powder (skim milk, lactic acid, cultures), parsley, tarragon, salt, chives, worcestershire powder (worcestershire sauce [distilled vinegar, molasses, corn syrup, salt, caramel color, garlic, sugar, spices, tamarind, natural flavor and sulfating agents], maltodextrin, silicon dioxide), garlic, honey powder (refinery syrup, honey), nori seaweed

Contains dairy. May contain traces of soy and wheat.