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Flavor of The Month: Buttermilk Ranch! Free With $75+ | Free Shipping On Orders $59+
The Mac and Cheese Upgrade You Need Right Now

The Mac and Cheese Upgrade You Need Right Now

Macaroni and cheese is all about comfort. It’s familiar, creamy, salty, satisfying, and is always there when you need it. Whether you make it from scratch or from a trusted brand's box, what matters is that you feel your worries melt away with each rich, gooey bite.

Maybe you've been making mac and cheese the same way for years. Or maybe you've always wanted to try making it yourself. Either way, my secret for sprucing up any cheese sauce is Parmesan Pesto Sprinkle. It’s one of our best-selling seasonings for a reason: the savory and salty parmesan and romano cheeses, warm garlic, and sweet California Basil make for a blend that’ll satisfy all of your Italy-sized cravings.

Shake it on top of a bowl of cartoon-shaped noodles to take it from boxed to boss. Or make your mac extra special with this Easy Alfredo Sauce recipe that takes this classic and versatile blend and makes it the star of the show. I recommend making it with Parmesan Pesto Sprinkle, tossing it with 4 cups of cooked elbow macaroni in a baking dish, generously topping it with shredded cheddar and mozzarella, and broiling it until the cheese is melted, bubbling, and starting to brown. You’re welcome.

And after you get your mac and cheese fix, there are an infinite number of other uses for this blend.

For a pesto twist on garlic bread, make Warm Pesto Bread 

Here are some other uses suggested by our customers who love Parmesan Pesto Sprinkle:
  • Sprinkle on meatloaf, pizza, or buttered noodles

  • Mix into salad dressings, pasta salad, or potato salad

  • Toss with buttered popcorn

  • Season chicken parmesan

  • Coat grilled asparagus or as a cheesy sprinkle for other veggies

  • Add a boost of flavor to baked or mashed potatoes


Show us how you wield your pesto-powers by tagging @savoryspiceshop on Instagram with your most tasty and creative flavor combos!

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Michelle Solum - January 31, 2024

Hi do you still carry the 4 cheese savory spice powder?

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