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This Weekend Get 10% Off Spice Sets + Free Shipping With Code DADSDAY

Appetizer & Snack Recipes


87 Recipes
  • Grand Dill Dip

    Dips are the easiest way to turn a gathering into a party! This is a crowd fave that pairs well with bread or with a fish entree.

  • Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

    The classic crowd-pleasing ranch dressing. This dressing is so easy to whip up, you'll never buy that bottled stuff again. Try our easy Buttermilk ...

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  • Savory Spice Seven Onion Dip

    Move over onion soup mix! Make your own version of onion dip using several of our dehydrated and freeze-dried onion products.

  • Black Garlic Dip

    This is a customer and spice merchant favorite. Sweet black garlic combined with cream cheese and crunchy walnuts makes for a great veggie dip or s...

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  • Smoked Black Pepper Ranch Dressing

    Pan roasting the spices and then freshly grinding them accentuates the unique and smoky flavor of this twist on a classic ranch.

  • Hot Artichoke Crab Dip

    A savory dish that is great for game day or game night. Imitation crab can be used, but we think it's even better with the reel deal. Better make e...

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  • Queso Fundido with Homemade Chorizo

    This cheesy, melty, spicy goodness is perfect for game day, movie night, or a Cinco de Mayo celebration.

  • Tri-Chips with Creamy Mustard Parmesan Dip

    Gorgeous homemade tri-colored chips with a creamy and tangy mustard dip.

  • Sweet Potato Cider Bisque

    Our classic Poultry Seasoning adds a familiar flavor to this sweet-spiced, creamy soup.

  • Jaybird’s Gas Station Nacho Cheese Sauce

    This incredibly simple nacho cheese sauce recipe tastes like the real deal--the nacho cheese sauce you'd find at gas stations, movie theaters, and ...

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  • Chipotle Pumpkin Soup

    Smoky, creamy, and sweet-spiced, this seasonal soup hits the spot every time.

  • Roasted Sweet Potato Hummus

    Switch up your sweet potatoes with your choice of sweet maple or peppery herbs.

  • Mexican Street Corn Black Bean Burgers

    A lighter take on classic burgers, this black bean burger is perfect for summer grilling. Seasoned with Mexican Street Corn Seasoning and topped wi...

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  • Carne Asada Fries

    What's better than a bowl of hot French fries? A bowl of hot French fries seasoned with Carne Asada Spice 'n Easy mix and topped with grilled steak...

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  • Caesar Croutons

    Homemade croutons are so easy to make and so much better than store-bought. Deliciously crunchy with a delicate soft center, these Caesar croutons ...

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  • Air Fryer Caesar Smashed Potatoes

    Perfectly baked smashed potatoes reveal all the best parts of a potato: crispy skin, crunchy edges, and a soft center. Roasting potatoes in the air...

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  • Cheesy Taco Shells

    Don't overlook seasoning your taco shell--add layers of flavor and spice up taco night with this quick and easy seasoned taco shell.

  • Cheesy Elote Dip

    Warm & Cheesy Elote Dip

    Elote dip gets a cold-weather makeover with this warm & cheesy recipe featuring our Mexican Street Corn Dip Spice 'n Easy. A few quick substitu...

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  • Gator Bites with Swamp Sauce

    They say gator tastes like chicken, but honestly, this is even better.

  • Walking Tacos

    Elote Walking Tacos

    In true Savory Spice fashion, we took a classic American concession stand staple and spiced it up, this time with our Mexican Street Corn Dip Spice...

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  • Broccoli Beer Cheese

    Broccoli & Beer Cheese

    Need a cheese sauce for broccoli? Look no further. Take broccoli and cheese a step further with a dry stout to make a beer cheese recipe. Our Coun...

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  • Pillowy Garlic Naan Recipe

    Pillowy Garlic Naan

    Grocery store naan never quite hits the mark. This garlic naan recipe produces naan bread that's pillowy in the middle, slightly crispy on the outs...

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  • Cookies & Cream Brigadeiros

    Brigadeiros are a classic Brazilian chocolate treat. This brigadeiro recipe combines Black Onyx Cocoa Powder and Madagascar Vanilla Bean Powder to ...

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  • Brazilian-Style Cheese Buns

    Inspired by pão de queijo--Brazilian cheese bread--this gluten-free cheese bun recipe produces perfectly puffy, fluffy, and cheesy bites.