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Behind the Seasoning: Good On You Vegan Chicken Salt

Behind the Seasoning: Good On You Vegan Chicken Salt

What is chicken salt made out of, why is it called that, and are there actual chickens in it? We uncover all the mysteries of this Aussie staple and share some creative ways to use it in chicken salt recipes.

So take a closer look at Good On You Vegan Chicken Salt, one of our new and improved gourmet salts, and find out how a few shakes can upgrade your grub. 

What is Good On You Chicken Salt?

Our Good On You Vegan Chicken Salt is a plant-based, umami-rich seasoning salt inspired by Australia’s ubiquitous chicken salt. Order out in the Outback and odds are your fries will come tossed in this savory Aussie original. The first chicken salt was developed in 1979 and did not contain any chicken; instead, it was a garlic, onion, and paprika spiked salt intended for seasoning rotisserie chicken. Since then, variations on the blend have spread, and today many contain powdered chicken skin.

One taste of our vegan take on chicken salt will have you saying things like, “yum” and “delicious” and “are you sure there’s no chicken in this?”. We upped the savoriness (sans chicken) by combining glutamate-rich (but MSG-free), plant-based ingredients that work hard for their umami. 

What are the key flavors of Good On You Chicken Salt?

Plant-based Chicken Stock: Sourced straight from Australia, this vegan chicken stock substitute has a pleasant, meaty flavor that it gets from protein-rich vegetables, yeast extract (the main ingredient in another Australian favorite: Vegemite!), and extra-virgin olive oil.

Tomatoes: Offering rich, red color and full, rounded flavor, tomatoes are a well-known source of glutamic acid, the amino acid responsible for umami: that craveable, hard-to-describe, savory sensation.

Mushrooms: A magical medley of shiitake, oyster, portabella, and white button mushrooms add levels of deep, earthy, and meaty flavors to the blend.

Coconut Milk: When we were creating Good On You Vegan Chicken Salt, we found that when compared to other versions of chicken salt that contained chicken skin, what ours seemed to be missing was a source of fat. Fat is a flavor carrier and improves the texture and mouth-feel of the blend. Creamy, nutty, and lightly sweet, coconut milk was the missing secret ingredient.

Curry Spices:  Warm cinnamon, golden turmeric, and citrusy coriander add complexity and color, while candy-like star anise, sharp black pepper, and spicy ginger add mild sweet heat. 

Where did the name Good On You come from?

“Good on you” or “Good on ya” is an Australian expression that means “well done” or “congratulations”, which is what your taste buds will be saying every time you take a bite! The name is also a good fit because this seasoning salt is good on your veggies, good on your proteins, and good on… well, everything!

Whatever happened to Chook Chicken Salt?

If you loved our previous version of chicken salt, Chook, you’ll find the flavors of Good On You familiar and just as savory and succulent. Updating Chook to a vegan version of this fowl-flavored favorite has allowed more people to enjoy this unique seasoning salt and has made the world a more delicious place to live. 

How do you use chicken salt?


Like really. Go ham. I mean, go chicken. Sprinkle Good On You on anything that needs an umami upgrade. Potatoes, salads, sauces, grilled or roasted veggies, breads, spreads, and snacks. Good On You is a seasoning salt, so be sure to limit other sources of salt in your dish to avoid it becoming too salty. Here are some of our favorite recipes you should try that drop Good On You Vegan Chicken Salt like an umami bomb for unfathomable flavor.

Veggie Chicken and Waffle Sliders

Umami Scalloped Potatoes

Crispy Umami Chickpeas

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Savory Spice - April 25, 2022

Hi Jo,
The exact ingredients are:
Salt, vegan chicken stock (maltodextrin, sea salt, natural vegetable flavor, yeast extract, potassium chloride, sunflower oil, turmeric, extra virgin olive oil, parsley), paprika, garlic, Mild Yellow Curry Powder (coriander, turmeric, ginger, fenugreek, anise, cumin, Saigon cinnamon, black pepper, mustard, mace, cardamom), coconut milk, tomato, onion, sugar, mushrooms, celery seeds, citric acid.

Jo - April 25, 2022

No one answered Bailey above. What are the ingredients? I’m not looking to steal the recipe, I need to know as I have allergies. I hate it when spice blends won’t say what’s in it!

Savory Spice - March 22, 2022

Hi Ann, yes this product is gluten-free.

Ann - March 16, 2022

Is this product gluten free?

Michael - February 2, 2022

Follow the links for Good On You Vegan Chicken Salt above to view the exact ingredients, including the plant-based chicken stock powder. They can be found under Dietary Information.

Bailey - February 2, 2022

I would like to know the exact ingredients. What is in the non-chicken, chicken broth?

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