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Dessert Recipes

183 Recipes
  • Pumpkin Pie Dip

    Wonderful crowd-pleasing recipe to make for holiday guests or parties!

  • Triple Chocolate S'mores

    If your favorite part of s'mores is the chocolate, then this one's for you.

  • Orange Creamsicle S'mores

    A creamy, dreamy combo of two of your favorite summer treats.

  • Pumpkin Butterscotch Fudge

    This recipe requires a little patience, but it pays off in the end with addictive and unique little bites fudge. Great for holiday treats and gifts.

  • Campbell’s “Candy Cane” Christmas Cookies

    Pretty twist cookies that make great holiday gifts or "Santa treats!"

  • Cinnamon Vanilla Crunch Ice Cream

    This super sweet ice cream is refreshing for summer yet decadent enough for a special holiday dessert.

  • Old-Fashioned Pumpkin Pie

    The recipe title says it all. You can't have Thanksgiving without a pumpkin pie and this crust is so easy that you may never use store-bought again...

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  • Double Vanilla Cupcakes

    These classic cupcakes can easily be made vegan by swapping out regular milk for soy milk. They make the perfect carrier for your favorite frosting...

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  • Pumpkin Spice Bread

    A deliciously moist cake topped with a nutty crumble. Best enjoyed with hot tea on a cool Autumn evening.

  • Georgia Peach Spice Cake

    A streusel cake ideal for ripe peaches in late summer or sweet frozen peaches year-round.

  • Chocolate Brew Beans

    A little messy but a lot of fun to make, these caffeinated nibbles are great for holiday gifts or party favors.

  • Baked Apple Donuts

    These delicious little donuts are an easy-to-prepare autumn treat!

  • Mulled Vanilla Brandied Cherries

    This is an easy way to preserve those gorgeous summer cherries.

  • Chocolate Chai Brandied Cherries

    Spice up cocktails, ice cream, pound cake, or rice pudding with this simple and special homemade treat.

  • Black Sesame Coconut Ice Cream

    This dairy-free treat is only slightly sweet and infused with the nuttiness of ground black sesame seeds and tropical hints of coconut.

  • Peach Crumble Pie

    While this is best with fresh, summer harvest peaches, it works with frozen peaches as well. Throw several scoops of vanilla ice cream on top when ...

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  • Peanut Butter Black Onyx Cookies

    These simple peanut butter sugar cookies rolled in our signature Black Onyx Chocolate Sugar... because who doesn't love chocolate and peanut butter?

  • Tangy Lemon Bars

    Lemon pepper? In lemon bars? You bet! These tart and tangy bars keep things interesting with a surprising savory twist.

  • Orange Coriander Cookies

    This customer-submitted treat was adapted from a "colonial times" recipe that suggested coriander was a popular spice for cookies at the time. Who ...

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  • Paleo-Friendly Chocolate Chunk Cookies

    Note from recipe author: “Rich, decadent, and satisfying...but also a bit light too. To me this tastes like a rich brownie in cookie form, but not ...

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  • Ghost Pepper Salted Triple Chocolate Cookies

    Chocolate pairs wonderfully with a little heat and these rich cookies don't dissapoint!

  • Black Onyx Cake with Vanilla Bean Paste Frosting

    This recipe yields a silky-smooth, moist cake. The cake is not too sweet, which makes the vanilla frosting a perfect pairing. We highly recommend t...

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  • Crystallized Ginger or Candied Citrus Shortbread Cookies

    You won't find these at your typical cookie exchange! This is a quick recipe, so it's easy to make all three versions of this shortbread for a fun ...

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  • Mary’s Scones 3 Ways

    If you've ever been to Savory's warehouse for a meeting, you've likely had one of Mary's famous scones. In fact, employees wish for guests to visit...

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