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Dessert Recipes

172 Recipes
  • Whiskey Glazed Grilled Peaches

    Whiskey barrel smoked sugar and salt enhance the juicy sweetness of fresh peaches and the smoky, woody character of your favorite whiskey.

  • Baked, twisted Star Bread on a pan with a sifter of powdered sugar next to it

    Orange Cinnamon Star Bread

    An impressive, festive bread for any occasion that's secretly simple to make. Pure Orange Extract and sweet Cinnamon Sugar give it layers of nostal...

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  • Frosted Cinnamon Bun Coffee Cake

    A cream cheese frosting filling makes this the perfect duo of the two best breakfast desserts out there: cinnamon rolls and coffee cake.

  • Pumpkin Pie Dip

    Wonderful crowd-pleasing recipe to make for holiday guests or parties!

  • Strawberry Vanilla Bean Milkshake

    Vanilla beans add a sophisticated flavor to this classic milkshake.

  • Herbes de Provence Truffles

    A wonderful chocolate truffle with herbal hints like lavender and thyme.

  • Fruit Filling for Fried Pies

    Designed as a filling for fried hand pies, this recipe also works as a regular pie filling. If you don't have time to make pies, use it as a toppin...

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  • Salted Strawberry Banana Bark

    This quick and easy viral snack recipe will satisfy your sweet tooth with frozen layers of crunchy chocolate, sticky peanut butter, sweet strawberr...

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  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    Strawberries dipped in a chocolate coating, ready for a sprinkling of your favorite salt or sugar to garnish!

  • Pumpkin Spice Crispy Rice Treats

    Everyone's favorite lunchbox treat turned fall! Classic crispy rice treats come together quickly and get a fall makeover with pumpkin puree and Pum...

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  • Butterscotch Pumpkin Bread

    A deliciously moist cake topped with a nutty crumble. Best enjoyed with hot tea on a cool Autumn evening.

  • Any-Flavor Swiss Buttercream

    Turn any baking project into a masterpiece with this customizable Swiss buttercream recipe. It will quickly become your go-to recipe for smooth, fl...

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  • Gingerbread Cookies

    Classic holiday gingerbread cookies get a Savory Spice twist with a hint of cardamom for a cookie that's perfectly sweet-spiced and ready for Santa.

  • Cinnamon Swirl Bundt Cake

    An elegant vanilla bean glaze and sweet cinnamon swirl make every bite of this buttery, almond-scented bundt cake absolute bliss. Easy enough to wh...

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  • Sangria Celebration Cake

    Inspired by summery sangria and holiday fruit cake, this anytime-dessert is rich, crowd-pleasing, and worth the effort. Dressed with a frosted glaz...

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  • Honey Sesame Fortune Cookies

    Fortune cookies are surprisingly easy to make at home! Sweet, nutty, and perfectly chewy, we see these take-out-style treats with a gourmet twist i...

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  • Chocolate Chantili Cream

    Chocolate Chantilly Cream

    Chocolate chantilly cream is whipped cream sweetened with sugar, cocoa powder, and a bit of vanilla bean paste. This chantilly cream is airy, rich,...

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  • Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

    Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

    Bored of pumpkin pie as the go-to fall dessert? Want more variety than simple pumpkin cheesecake? This pumpkin cheesecake bars recipe features the ...

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  • Baklava Bars

    Baklava Bars

    Enjoy the flavors and textures of baklava without the stress of phyllo dough. A shortbread crust is the perfect base for orange and cinnamon-spiced...

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  • Cherry Bonfire Bars

    Cherry Bonfire Bars

    Classic cherry pie bars with a summer beach bonfire twist. Whiskey smoked spices add cozy complexity while caramelized marshmallows add sticky s'mo...

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  • Cookies & Cream Brigadeiros

    Brigadeiros are a classic Brazilian chocolate treat. This brigadeiro recipe combines Black Onyx Cocoa Powder and Madagascar Vanilla Bean Powder to ...

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  • Golden Vanilla Chai Tea Cakes

    A chai-infused butter gives these adorable tea cakes a warm, sweet-spiced flavor and a chewy, blondie-like texture.

  • Tiramisu Cannoli

    Can't choose between tiramisu and cannoli for dessert? Neither could we. So we combined them into one! Pure Espresso Powder and a little rum in a ...

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  • Test Kitchen Essentials: Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

    This brown butter chocolate chip cookie recipe is part of our Test Kitchen Essentials series, where we show you how to level-up classic recipes w...

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