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Mexican Recipes

66 Recipes
  • Black Garlic Salted Salsa Verde

    An extremely quick and simple salsa verde that can be served with chips or any of your favorite Mexican-style dishes.

  • Queso Fundido with Homemade Chorizo

    This cheesy, melty, spicy goodness is perfect for game day, movie night, or a Cinco de Mayo celebration.

  • Adobo Rice

    Spice up leftover rice with adobo seasoning! This adobo rice recipe is a quick and easy way to get flavorful rice for your next meal.

  • Jaybird’s Gas Station Nacho Cheese Sauce

    This incredibly simple nacho cheese sauce recipe tastes like the real deal--the nacho cheese sauce you'd find at gas stations, movie theaters, and ...

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  • Chipotle Pumpkin Soup

    Smoky, creamy, and sweet-spiced, this seasonal soup hits the spot every time.

  • Mike’s Mole de Pollo

    Warm spices provide heat and sweetness to this classic Mexican mole dish.

  • Cheesy Taco Shells

    Don't overlook seasoning your taco shell--add layers of flavor and spice up taco night with this quick and easy seasoned taco shell.

  • Warm & Cheesy Elote Dip

    Elote dip gets a cold-weather makeover with this warm & cheesy recipe featuring our Mexican Street Corn Dip Spice 'n Easy. A few quick substitu...

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  • Aguas Frescas Three Ways

    Savor the fruits of summer with this trio of agua fresca recipes, a perfect summer mocktail set for your next brunch or party. Serve up peach agua...

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  • Stuffed & Smothered Sopapillas

    A saucy, savory take on a traditional Mexican pastry.

  • Layered Elote Salad

    Also called esquites, this layered salad packs all the flavor of elote into a portable package.

  • Marbled Elote Skillet Cornbread

    Mexican Street Corn Seasoning and a cream cheese swirl revamp classic southern cornbread into a savory, citrusy summer treat.

  • Horchata Tres Leches Cake

    Extra cinnamon and amaretto give this classic Mexican dessert a delightful horchata twist.

  • Ruby Red Mojito

    Sweet Jamaican Allspice and minty California Bay Leaves give this refreshing Cuban cocktail layers of complex flavors.

  • Instant Pot Refried Beans

    No soaking required for these creamy, flavorful beans that make a great side and a delicious dip!

  • Chipotle Red Bell Ranch

    Creamy, spicy, tangy—this ranch is the star of any Southwestern salad or Tex-Mex meal.

  • Aussie Elote

    Two cultures merge in this version of a classic Mexican street food that's finished with a sprinkling of our Australian inspired seasoning.

  • Green Chile Mole Posole

    A delicious fusion of mole and Hatch green chiles, perfectly timed for the late summer chile season.

  • Southwestern Veggie Fajitas

    Winter means slow-cooked meals, hearty flavors and…barbecue? That’s right. With this recipe, you can enjoy smoky veggie fajitas from the comfort of...

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  • Whiskey Sugar Churros

    No need to wait for the state fair—this is a sweet and smoky treat that you can make at home!

  • Taco Salad Dip

    The ultimate party food! Take this to your next summer barbecue, potluck, or game day celebration.

  • Black Bean & Corn Salsa

    A fresh and colorful salsa, perfect for topping almost anything.

  • BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

    Incredibly yummy quesadilla that you can make in minutes!

  • Avocado Tempura

    Tempura fried avocados? Yes please! These delicious little bites would be perfect by themselves or in an avocado taco.