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Flavor of The Month: Huli Huli Chicken! Free With $75+
Flavor of The Month: Huli Huli Chicken! Free With $75+

Introduction to Our “Baking” Product Category

Four baking spices and extract on cookie dough

Baking. This one word probably conjures thoughts of cold weather and warm, sweet spices. Whatever comes to mind, it likely involves at least one or two classic baking spices like cloves, ginger, and nutmeg. But there are other fun options too, if you're feeling a bit more adventurous: Espresso Powder, Mt. Baker Chai Seasoning, or crystallized ginger. Any of these aromatic baking spices can be combined to create layers and depth of flavor. 

Just look for the burgundy labels in stores and online and you'll know you're in for the sweetest thing!

Baking Spices

When you hear "baking" you might immediately think of winter. You're not wrong but our Baking category of spices has such range that it's really not just for baking. Any time is the perfect time to whip up a sweet treat or use baking ingredients to add depth of flavor to savory recipes.

Allspice, for example, adds sweet baking spice notes to Pumpkin Pie Spice and to comforting fall dishes, like Sweet Potato Cider Bisque (pictured below). It can also add a hint of Caribbean flare to both sweet (Coconut Cream Pie) and savory (Caribbean Coconut Rice) recipes.


Cinnamon is something we take very seriously here at Savory Spice. Cinnamon is always one of our best selling spices. People use it in all sorts of baked goods and desserts, drinks, soups, sauces, and even curries. While you might think of cinnamon as being a "sweet" flavor that is best suited for baking, adding small amounts to savory dishes can build depth of flavor. There's no right or wrong cinnamon to use - think of them as interchangeable - as long as your cinnamon is fresh!


Cocoa powder, like many other baking spices has more uses than you might suspect. Sure, it's a key ingredient in Brownies and other sweet treats (read more about our Brownie Experiment) but it can also be used in brewing and is a must for mole.


Without even peeking into someone’s pantry, you can almost guarantee that there’s a bottle in there. In fact, chances are you have at least one half-full bottle in your pantry – maybe even more. But we don’t stop with vanilla. From Almond to Orange, we stock variety of extracts. 

Four extracts with vanilla beans and ice cream, lemons, orchids, and nuts above

Flavored Sugars & Sweeteners

When it comes to baking (or just your morning oatmeal), flavored sweeteners and infused sugars can be your secret ingredient to take it to the next level. We have two different types of sweeteners. The first have vanilla, cocoa, and spices added for a little something extra. The second group of sweeteners, like Maple Sugar, are naturally infused with flavors.


Vanilla is a popular flavor around the world, so it's likely that you have it in your pantry. From whole beans to extracts and vanilla-infused sugars, there are many ways to add a touch of this classic flavor to your favorite dishes and baked goodies.

Vanilla Powder

Vanilla powder is a good alternative for people who can't or don't want to use vanilla extract (vanilla extract legally must contain alcohol as the carrier for the flavor). While there is a moderate vanilla scent, tasting a small amount on its own won't provide much flavor. Like vanilla extract, the flavor really shines when you add sugar, salt, and fat (cream, butter, or egg yolks).

When added to drinks, the flavor tends to be subtle but does have that distinctive vanilla note. For this reason, vanilla powder really shouldn't be called "vanilla flavoring" as it is more of an ingredient in something than a strong taste on its own.

  • Smell: Slightly sweet, moderate vanilla scent.
  • Taste: Subtle vanilla flavor with no sweetness.

Vanilla Bean Sugar

We infuse our Vanilla Bean Sugar with both vanilla extract and beans for a robust vanilla flavor in every granule. This can also be used in just about anything - from coffee and tea to cereal and sprinkled on berries or used in desserts - though the vanilla flavor will be slightly milder in baked goods compared to the more concentrated flavor of vanilla extract.

  • Smell: Classic vanilla scent.
  • Taste: Sweet, with mild/moderate vanilla flavor throughout.

Of course, these spices are essential for our wide variety of Baking RecipesFor even more spices & inspiration, shop our Baking section. 

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