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Prohibition “Gin”

Recipe By Savory Spice—South End/Charlotte, NC


2 cups

Recipe By Savory Spice—South End/Charlotte, NC

This is a DIY infused vodka inspired by the flavors of gin.

Serving Suggestions

Sip over ice, use to make martinis, or mix with tonic or soda water.

Recipe Notes

*We suggest using a double or triple distilled vodka and prefer an inexpensive potato vodka if possible.


Savory Spice ingredients in this recipe

  • Juniper Berries

    Juniper berries are the ripe, dried cones from the Juniper evergreen shrub which grows throughout the northern hemisphere. The berries are about a ...

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  • Coriander Seeds

    Coriander is the dried seed or fruit of the Coriandrum sativum plant, which belongs to the parsley family. Cilantro is the leaf of this same plant ...

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  • Lavender

    Lavender spice has many uses in the kitchen. Add culinary dried lavender to your favorite salad vinaigrettes or meat marinades. Use dried edible la...

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  • California Bay Leaves

    California Bay Leaves are used as a seasoning in slow-cooking recipes such as soups and stews, or for pickling vegetables. This Californian variety...

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  • Jamaican Allspice Berries

    Jamaican Allspice Berries are a common ingredient in Caribbean cuisine, especially jerk seasoning. These all spice berries have a flavor that's sim...

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  • Green Cardamom Pods (Organically Sourced)

    In the Cardamom Hills of southern India, wild cardamom bushes have grown for some 2000 years. They flourish in rainforests and in some cases can gr...

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Combine vodka and juniper berries in a mason jar. Cover and let stand for 24 hours; shake the jar at least 2 to 3 times during the 24 hours. Add remaining spices. Cover, shake and let sit for 24 hours; shake at least 2 to 3 times during the next 24 hours. Strain the solids through a straining funnel (or a place a cheesecloth in a funnel) into a 2-cup container. Wipe out any solids from the mason jar and pour the infused gin back into the clean mason jar or other desired bottle. Seal and store at room temperature.