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Grains of Paradise

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Grains of Paradise is a spicy, full-flavored pepper seasoning, and is otherwise known Alligator pepper (in addition to other names). Grains of paradise seasoning is best used ground up in a peppermill for spicing up your starches and favorite meats. 

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The seeds are red-brown, chestnut color and shaped like pyramids. They are an aromatic spice related to ginger and have a spicy, peppery flavor with a hint of jasmine, hazelnut and citrus. Grains of Paradise should be used as a finisher. To enjoy the full flavor of the spice, use it in your peppermill. Try using Grains of Paradise in place of cinnamon, cardamom or black peppercorns. Great with potatoes, eggplants or lamb.

Grains of Paradise Q&A

What are grains of paradise?

Grains of paradise, sometimes known as Alligator pepper, are seeds that are reddish brown in color and spicy and peppery in flavor. Grains of paradise should be used as a finishing seasoning, and can be used in place of cinnamon or black peppercorns.

What do grains of paradise taste like?

Grains of paradise taste similar to pepper, but have more floral and citrusy notes, with hints of jasmine and hazelnut in the flavor.

How can you use grains of paradise when cooking?

Grind grains of paradise in your peppermill, then add to meats like lamb, or starches like potatoes. It's best used as a finishing pepper. Use in instances where you'd add cinnamon or cardamom.

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