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Carne Asada Spice & Easy Is Back | Free Shipping On Orders $59+
Carne Asada Spice & Easy Is Back | Free Shipping On Orders $59+

Fire Up the Grill!

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One of the questions we often hear is, "What's your favorite spice?" While it might be an easy question for some people, we think it's kind of like asking a music lover what their all-time favorite song is. How can you possibly pick just one?

That's exactly why we love our Multi-Purpose BBQ & Grilling spices. These versatile seasonings are great if you are looking for something that is flavorful enough for pork, beef, and chicken but is mild enough to season your side dishes too. 

BBQ Spices

Here are our Top 5 picks for multi-purpose grilling. These seasonings are versatile and flavorful. For even more inspiration, check out the recipes linked on each product page.

Cantonese BBQ Pork Rub
This rub has aromatic spices found in Chinese Five Spice. Salt, sugar, and other ingredients balance the flavor for a versatile rub. Perfect on pork, this BBQ rub is also great on grilled beef, chicken, and vegetables. This Asian-inspired rub was designed for the grill, but also try in stir-fries and to make dressings, marinades, and sauces.

Pikes Peak Butcher's Rub
A “butcher’s rub” is a term that refers to a coarser blend of spices, designed to stand up to longer cooking processes while remaining appealing and flavorful. This classic base of salt, pepper, and garlic is good on just about anything. It's also great for a range of cooking styles, including slow cooking and stews, so it's a year-round hit.

Mt. Evans Butcher's Rub 
We've created this salt-free version of a butcher's rub for people who are watching their sodium or just want to add the salt themselves. We didn't just take the salt out of our Pikes Peak Butcher's Rub though, we have added more bell peppers, onions, spices, and herbs to create a complex flavor.

Woody Creek BBQ Seasoning
Most traditional barbecue seasonings are balanced with salt. It was important to us to create a classic BBQ rub that was also salt-free. One way to add flavor is to add a little bit of heat and balance it with sweetness. We used two different mild chiles, one brighter and one fruiter, and added some sweet spices to round out the flavor and temper the strong chile notes. Traditionally thought of as baking spices, allspice, mace, and cinnamon add complexity to this BBQ seasoning.

Red Rocks Hickory Smoked Seasoning
One of our customer favorites, this balanced blend of smoky, sweet, and salty is a quintessential BBQ flavor. Satisfied customers tell us that they love it on chicken, ribs, hamburger, steak, pork chops, turkey, vegetables...and even mac & cheese, grilled cheese, and quesadillas. 


Close up of Red Rocks Hickory Smoke Seasoning on a gold spoon

BBQ & Grilling recipes

Peanut-Crusted Beef Kebabs
Combining sweet, warming spices with ground peanuts creates a flavorful crust with a satisfying crunch on these crave-worthy kebabs. This recipe was inspired by James Beard Award winning author (and friend of Savory Spice) Adrian Miller and his fascinating history of African American BBQ.

Grilled Green Beans
Add a little spice and char flavor to your green beans with this quick and easy grill method. Great alongside burgers, pork chops, or any smoked barbecue fare. Throw any leftovers on a cold green salad for lunch.

Spatchcocked Turkey
Removing the backbone and flattening a whole turkey (a.k.a. spatchcocking) helps the turkey cook faster and more evenly. It's a great method for both smoking and grilling. For juicier turkey, brine the turkey for 1 hour per pound before smoking it; use our Brining Mix and follow the easy brining instructions

Beer Can BBQ Chicken
Beer can chicken is one of the easiest ways to grill a whole chicken. It just requires a can of beer (or cola!), your favorite BBQ rub, and a little patience. For added flavor, we suggest basting it with your favorite BBQ Sauce.

Smoky Pork Burgers
Smoky, sweet, and tangy flavors collide in this quick-to-assemble pork burger. Ask your butcher for fresh ground pork shoulder for a hearty, sausage-like burger. For a vegetarian or vegan version, see our recipe for Smoky Quinoa Burgers featuring quinoa and garbanzo beans instead of pork.

Photo of Smoky Pork Burger with a side of french fries

For a a crash course on how to grill just about anything, take a peek at Today's Grill Guide.

For more grilling inspiration browse all BBQ & Grilling Spices or shop Pork Chop Seasonings & Spices.

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