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Spice & Easy Meal Starter Spice Mixes Are 25% Off With Code EASYSUMMER
Spotlight: A Taste of Sunny Coastal Cali

Spotlight: A Taste of Sunny Coastal Cali

Meet Coastal Cali Fennel Pollen Rub. It's a unique blend of sweet and savory components (and is killer on all sorts of veggies from Brussels sprouts to sweet potatoes to Roasted Cauliflower Soup). 

Have you ever heard of the spice of the angels? Nope, we're not kidding. Fennel pollen is aromatic with a delicate, sweet anise flavor. The bright, citrusy flavors of orange peel and Ground Coriander Seeds, balance the rich, aromatic notes from fennel pollen. Add a touch of golden orange Aji chile—which lends the smallest touch of heat and a distinctive piquant fruitiness. Garlic, onion, and paprika all pitch in to add balance.

I could wax poetic about the delicious complexity of this seasoning for days, but let’s get to the important stuff here: how to use it! California has one of the longest coastlines in the United States, so it shouldn't be surprising that this blend pairs with seafood. Sprinkle it on before cooking or make Coastal Cali Butter Sauce to dip your crab legs or dunk your shrimp.

Don't worry if you're not feeling shellfish. Use it to season turkey burgers. The flavor is unique but delicate and pairs perfectly with a lemon garlic seasoned slaw. After all, what's more classic SoCal than turkey (or vegan bean) burgers?

If no recipe is no problem for you, here are some other quick uses and ideas from customers:

  • For a perfect snack, add to plain hummus (if you’ve never made hummus before, you can use our recipe and just replace the lemony Sumac with this seasoning).
  • "Our favorite way to use it is on roasted Brussels sprouts... But it's literally amazing on anything!" - Alise
  • "Love it on a baked potato with just a little butter!" - Donna
  • "I've used this on all manner of roasted veggies... perfect for providing a flavor punch when you have a straightforward sheet pan dinner." - Jessica
 Because it does have that savory/sweet balance, Coastal Cali pairs surprisingly well with fruit. It is the flavor inspiration behind our golden state-inspired California Crunch trail mix. Tangy dried cranberries and protein-packed seeds and nuts are a great canvas for the layered flavor of Coastal Cali.

It's also a phenomenal addition to fruit sauces or homemade jam, like this Quick Berry Jam. Make it with whatever berries are in season (try sweet-tart summer raspberries) and slather it on bread, spread a layer onto crispy crackers and top with aged white cheddar cheese (hello, charcuterie board!), or serve with roasted meats. Seriously, this jam is so easy and the bomb. I wouldn’t lie to you.

Is there a seasoning that you could talk about forever? Let us know in the comments below or share your favorites on social media using #savoryspiceshop!
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Jim - February 20, 2023

My favorite way to use coastal cali fennel is one of the seasonings in my home made Ramen

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