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Baking Cinnamon
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Black Pepper-Free

Due to its potency, Saigon cassia has consistently been our most popular cinnamon. The Saigon cinnamon we grind is so powerful that we give it time to “mellow” slightly before offering it for sale. This allows it to be more palatable while maintaining its distinctive, strong cinnamon flavor. After considering the consistent popularity of our Saigon cinnamon, and knowing our customers’ quest for bold cinnamon flavor, we’ve decided to offer Supreme Saigon cassia. Supreme Saigon has a higher oil content than any other cinnamon we carry, which contributes to its strong, fresh cinnamon flavor.

Supreme Saigon has an even stronger cinnamon flavor than Saigon.

When using Supreme Saigon in a recipe, depending on your love of cinnamon, you will either use the same amount or slightly less than what is called for. It is easy to notice the difference between Supreme Saigon and Saigon when tasting them directly on your tongue, the difference is more subtle when using it for baking. If you’re a true cinnamon lover who craves the bold, strong, spicy flavor of freshly ground cinnamon, Supreme Saigon will be your new favorite friend in the kitchen.

"Thank you for all the great spices. They arrived yesterday and we had lots of fun opening and smelling everything. We sure appreciate your service and are looking forward to ordering from you again. PS--great delivery and convenient"
- - Kory M. of Alberta Canada