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The Best Flavors For Spring

The Best Flavors For Spring
When it comes to spring cooking, the best spices are versatile and can transition between hearty winter meals and fresh spring dishes.

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining a little brighter, and spring has sprung! When it comes to spring cooking, the best spices are the ones that are versatile and can transition between hearty winter meals and fresh spring dishes. Traditional spring meats and veggies include lamb, fresh eggs, tender asparagus, leafy greens, peas, and sweet spring carrots. And don't forget about brunch. Warmer days are perfect for languishing over a big weekend brunch, with or without cocktails in hand. So cheers to a bit of spring culinary inspiration!


Top 3 Spices for Spring

Park Hill Maple & Spice

The rich maple and spice flavors of this seasoning are accented by layers of flavor from notes of mild yellow curry powder. Complementing both meats and veggies, this seasoning is perfect for warm, hearty winter meals and for fresh spring veggies. Add a little sweet tang to your greens with Spiced Honey Mustard Dressing or try these customer suggestions.

“Used it on salmon in the oven and it turned out great.” – Dave A.

“It is a favorite on winter squash & carrots.” – Georgette

“I ordered it for a pecan chicken salad and have been sprinkling it on bacon.” -Elspeth

Coastal Cali Fennel Pollen Rub

Fennel grows wild all over California, and its pollen features a bold yet delicate taste. Our homage to this unique flavor pairs perfectly with crab and lobster (native to California), which are the delicacies this blend deserves. This rub is also great on pork, chicken, eggs, vegetables, and potatoes.

“I've used this on all manner of roasted veggies.” – Jessica

“I love Coastal Cali Fennel Pollen Rub in turkey burgers.” – Terry

Capitol Hill Seasoning

Named after the bustling Capitol Hill neighborhood in Denver, Colorado, this seasoning is a longtime customer favorite. We don’t call it an all-purpose blend because it’s not meant for red meat, but it works great on most other foods.

I love this seasoning! I use it on roasted potatoes.” – Marlene

"This is my absolute favorite dip, my go-to spice.” – Carol

"I love this seasoning on egg dishes, particularly scrambled eggs." - David


The Best Recipes for Spring Brunch

The beauty of brunch is that it can be sweet or savory. You can dive into breakfast or choose a lunch-ier option. Here are a few of our brunchy faves in each category.

Smoky Candied Bacon

"I love love love the whiskey barrel smoked sugar and black pepper on bacon now...Simply amazing! I highly recommend it!" - Rebecca

Flat Irons Skillet Potatoes

Notes of onion, paprika, rosemary, and dill add a rustic flavor to these easy skillet potatoes—great breakfast hash.

 photo of coffee cake

Frosted Cinnamon Bun Coffee Cake

 A cream cheese frosting filling makes this the perfect duo of the two best breakfast desserts out there: cinnamon rolls and coffee cake.

Lemon Lavender Scones

"Outstanding recipe! These were easy to make and absolutely delicious." - Leslie

Spring Drinks For Everyone

Don't forget the drinks - still or sparkling, coffee or tea, boozy or not...we have all of the bases covered!

Botanical Grapefruit Mocktail

If a mocktail is more your style, this bright and fruity drink is sure to tickle your palate. Tangy grapefruit blends with sweet rose, punchy juniper, and aromatic tarragon for a one-of-a-kind drink that's sure to impress.

Coffee Sweetened Three Ways

Choose your own flavor adventure. With Savory Spice's flavored sugars, you can create a mocha, vanilla, or maple coffee with the stir of a spoon.

Chai Tea

"From the cinnamon aroma while sipping, the sweet taste of ginger and brown sugar then ending with all the spices, this tea will just make you happy in every way. We have the tea both warm and cold. YUM!" - Lisa

Hibiscus Berry Smoothie

This tart and tangy smoothie will brighten your day.
Make-ahead tip: Prep a double, triple, or even quadruple batch of the hibiscus tea base and keep it in the fridge for faster smoothie making.

More Spring Inspiration

We've just touched on a few spring flavors and ideas. But more inspiration awaits. Whether you're looking to add a little floral flavor or you love lamb, take a peek at these ideas...

Three Ways To Cook With Edible Flowers

As flowers begin to bloom outside, it’s the perfect time to break out of that wintertime cooking rut and bring some floral flavors into your kitchen. Don’t know how to use flowers in your dishes? Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through!

The Flavors of Spring Lamb

When it comes to lamb preparation, take a trip around the globe for inspiration. Here are some of our favorite Savory Spice Shop seasonings to celebrate the distinctive flavors of spring lamb. You can also find more Lamb Seasonings & Spices here.


How to Use Extracts to Flavor Drinks

If you love flavoring your beverages but don’t want added sugar, extracts are your answer! We spent some time in the test kitchen with a few cans of club soda and seltzer to experiment with extracts. We found some surprising gems for flavoring drinks!

Leave a comment with your favorite spring flavors below or tag us on Instagram (@savoryspiceshop) if you're making a delicious spring dish (or drink!)

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