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Flavors of the American Southwest

Suffed and Smothered Sopapillas with multi colored striped napkin

Part of our American Pantry section, Southwestern and Tex-Mex flavors are bold, smoky, and earthy. Inspired by both Latin influence and ingredients native to the Americas, this cuisine has given us favorites like enchiladas as well as flavorful twists like chili mac.

Canyon Road Red Enchilada Dry Sauce

Enchiladas and New Mexico have a long history together and we knew it was important to have this traditional flavor represented in our lineup. Our enchilada seasoning has a robust chile flavor with medium heat. By creating a seasoning from flavors typically offered as a sauce, we have found a multitude of new uses for it. To convert into a sauce, use our Canyon Road Enchilada Sauce recipe.

La Plata Peak Adobo Spice

What is adobo? We're glad you asked. The word adobo comes from the Spanish verb 'adobar' which translates to marinade. Adobo spice can be used as a dry marinade but is often used almost as an all-purpose seasoning in Mexican and American southwestern cooking to add flavor to a variety of dishes.

Mild Chili Powder

Chili powder is a blend of ingredients, including chiles. For a refresher, read about the difference between Chili and Chile.  (We also have a slightly spicier version, Medium Chili Powder, if you like more of a kick.) Chances are you know this seasoning and you pull it out in the winter to make chili. But don't stop there, it's also great for adding flavor to beans and even burgers. It's also a great base for making your own bold BBQ rub.


We have a bunch of tasty recipes for these flavorful seasonings. We can’t list them all here but we do have recipes featured on each spice's web page, so we encourage you to explore!

Stuffed & Smothered Sopapillas
When you hear "sopapilla" you probably think of a tasty cinnamon and sugar fried treat. These are a saucy, savory take on a traditional Mexican pastry. Stuffed with cheese and served with crema fresca and chili sauce for dipping. Don't worry, you can fry up any leftover dough (unstuffed) and sprinkle these bits with Cinnamon Sugar.

Black Bean & Corn Salsa
This fresh and flavorful salsa can be personalized by using your favorite seasoning. This recipe uses canned black beans and corn so it comes together super fast. Top tacos, quesadillas, or enjoy with tortilla chips...or just eat it with a spoon, it's really that good!

Adobo Rice
This quick side dish can take your rice and beans to a new level of flavor. Serve as a side with your favorite Tex-Mex meal or use as a base for a Southwestern rice bowl or salad.

1-2 cups cooked rice
1 Tbsp. La Plata Peak Adobo Spice
1 Tbsp. 
unsalted butter
1 lime, juiced and zested
1 Tbsp. Cilantro

Stir La Plata Peak Adobo Spice into the cooked rice with remaining ingredients. Serve warm. To make vegan Adobo Rice, use coconut oil or vegan butter alternative of choice.

Green Chile Mac & Cheese
Add a little Southwestern flare to a classic BBQ side with this Tex Mex inspired mac loaded with green chiles, cilantro, and corn tortillas, and topped with smoked paprika bread crumbs.

It seems like many people have their own version or opinion of what makes the best chili. Beans or no beans, beef or chicken, throw in some bacon? We think it's all good. So we're not going to give you one recipe, we're going to give you a selection...choose your favorite!

Southwest Egg Rolls with Santa Fe Dipping Sauce
There is a certain chain that makes fantastic fried egg rolls stuffed with corn, beans, and other southwestern ingredients. Good news! You can actually make them at home. Easy enough to whip up on a weeknight and festive enough to impress at a party, these egg rolls are guaranteed to please. Use any leftover filling to make Southwestern quesadillas.

Tip: Make egg rolls ahead of time and fry just before serving. Alternatively, freeze and fry whenever you get a craving!


Southwestern eggrolls with sauce on red platter


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Savory Spice - October 5, 2022

Hi Krista,

Unfortunately, we will not be bringing the Black Canyon Chili Powder back. However, if you would like to create this at home, we recommend using 3 parts of our Mild Chili Powder to 1 part of Mexican Cocoa and adding a dash of cinnamon.

Krista Moore - October 5, 2022

Please bring back Black Canyon Chili Powder. I’m down to my last drop and it has become an essential.

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