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Spice & Easy Meal Starter Spice Mixes Are 25% Off With Code EASYSUMMER

Three Delicious Holiday Menus...That Don't Include Turkey

Bucktown Mustard Brussels
When it comes to the perfect holiday meal, everyone has their must-haves and favorites. But we can all agree that there are a few important parts to any holiday feast. Yes, you're going to have to think about the starring entrée but, arguably more importantly, you have to have killer sides and you're going to want to think about dessert.

If you're looking for a classic holiday menu, check out our Thanksgiving Cooking Essentials. If you want something a little less traditional (no turkey, no problem), we've got you covered.

Cumin Carrot Soup with jar of Ground Cumin Seed

Sophisticated Holiday Supper

We're skipping the appetizer for a more elevated soup course. This cozy autumn soup is a great way to set the stage for your sophisticated holiday supper. Serve your salmon with a refreshing citrusy salad and a hearty side of risotto or quinoa. Finish with a chai spiced drink and dessert combo.

Mulled cranberry sauce in dish with oranges and mulling spices surrounding it

Vibrant Vegetarian

This vegetarian feast is hearty, filling, cozy and comforting...everything you could possibly want from a holiday meal. (And it's easy to make non-dairy ingredient swaps if you need to go vegan.) Start with a charcuterie board that features Cranberry-Ginger Relish for a bit of holiday flair. Mushroom Shepherd's Pie is the star of the show and is topped with a carrot and potato mash. Serve with Smoky Kale Salad for a complementary crispy crunch. Finish with a twist on traditional pumpkin pie, in the form of cheesecake bars. For a vegan alternative, make Spiced Apple Bake with a vegan butter.

Slow Cooker Roast Chicken pieces on plate with sauce being drizzled over

Dinner for One, Two, or Three

Even if you aren’t feeding a crowd, you can still have awesome food! Enjoy an easy “roast” chicken seasoned with your favorite spice blend. Traditional vegetable and potato sides get a fresh (and flavorful) new spin. Finish with Pumpkin Spice Bread and save the leftover dessert for a Black Friday breakfast, with a cup of coffee, of course.

No matter what spread you set up, make sure to snap a picture and tag #savoryspiceshop on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We can't wait to see your Savory holiday creations!

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