Chook Chicken Salt

Chook Chicken Salt
Chook Chicken Salt
Chook Chicken Salt
3.5oz Canister  

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Salt & Pepper

Inspired by a traditional favorite from the land down under, our chicken salt is made from powdered chicken chicharrones which provides its golden roast flavor. This salt is balanced with umami notes from chanterelle mushrooms and tomato powder along with hints of sweet curry.

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Chicken powder (chicken meat and skin, chicken broth, salt, rosemary extractive), salt, paprika, garlic, onion, celery seeds, turmeric, arrowroot, chanterelle mushroom powder, mustard seeds, white pepper, tomato powder, fenugreek seeds, cinnamon, allspice, ginger

Refrigerate after opening.

Dietary Information

Chook Chicken Salt - Nutrition Facts
Black Pepper-Free

Flavor of Chook Chicken Salt

Salty, meaty, and sweet-spiced with aromatic, earthy, and bittersweet notes.

Uses of Chook Chicken Salt

Apply liberally to any fried foods. Add the flavor of chicken to corn on the cob, eggs, salads, guacamole, roasted veggies, and more. The possibilities are endless, mate!

Chook Chicken Salt Recipe

Thinly slice russet potatoes and fry in vegetable oil heated to 350 degrees until golden and crisp. Drain and season generously with Chook Chicken Salt.

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