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We Put Grilled Cheese in a Cocktail: Making the Ultimate Bloody Mary

Tomato juice and vodka. The two fundamental staples of the delicious Bloody Mary cocktail. Of course, most drinkers don’t stop there—they include seasonings and garnishes like salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, lemon juice, a few olives, and a big ol’ stalk of celery. At minimum. This highly-customizable drink has always been a little bit “extra”.

But what if… we took “extra” another mile? What if we ventured into uncharted Bloody territory? We had the technology (half a bottle of vodka and some leftover cheese). All we needed was someone with the will to do so. That’s where our Test Kitchen Chef Michael (the genius behind Extreme Nachos) stepped in to create the Ultimate Bloody Mary. Now let’s get crazy.

How to make the Ultimate Bloody Mary Mix

In crafting this ultimate cocktail, I knew that the most important part was nailing the Bloody Mary mix itself. But that was also the easy part. Enter Chipotle Lime Bloody Mary Mix. Believe me when I say this mix has everything! 

As with any good Bloody Mary, the foundation is tomato. But we don't just leave it there, because balance is important (at least until we start talking toppings). Red miso adds salty notes and underscores the umami flavor of tomato powder. Lime and citric acid give us a little more zing. The not-so-secret ingredient is cocoa powder. I know it sounds crazy but it adds a richness and bittersweet notes that balance (there's that word again) the other flavors. Horseradish is a must and a touch of chipotle and garlic round out the punchy bite. Finish with a touch of hickory smoke for a subtle roasty note.

Now, toss that packet in a pitcher and slowly mix in 18 oz. water (stir as you add the water to avoid any clumps), 1 Tbsp. Worcestershire Sauce, and 4 oz. vodka. Grab a glass and don't forget to salt the rim. The Real Dill Bloody Mary Rimming Spice is just the ticket. Add some ice and pour in your Ultimate Bloody Mary. Now we're ready for the real magic...

The Add-ons

The actual hard part was figuring out which accoutrements to garnish with. In the end I didn’t have to choose, I just said YES to everything. If I could have fit a kitchen sink in a glass, I would have. For those following along at home, this is everything you’ll need for the Ultimate Bloody Mary (quantities may vary):

Vegetable-wise, start with celery and brie-stuffed green olives. Skewer some cherry tomatoes and baby corn. Add pickle spears. Heck, throw in ALL THE PICKLED THINGS: okra, pepperoncini, asparagus, carrots, green beans, and jalapeños.

At this point you may have to upgrade to a larger bowl to hold everything, because we’re just getting started. 

Bacon is pretty standard when it comes to any Bloody Mary worth your time. This is a brunch beverage, after all. But don't just use any bacon...first, doctor it up a bit and make some signature sweet and Smoky Candied Bacon. Trust us, bacon will never be the same.

But this is brunch, so don't stop at bacon. Include Andouille sausages and tater tots. Then ask yourself, if I have these breakfast favorites, why not a waffle? Then stop asking questions and add a Savory Cornmeal Waffle.

Next, slice some cheddar and pepperjack cheese into cubes—wait, hold on. I feel a moment of inspiration coming…. Ok yeah, heat up some grilled cheese sandwiches, slice off the crusts, cut into small triangles and skewer. Or make them into dunkable Grilled Cheese Soldiers.

It’s almost perfect, but we’re not quite there. Something’s missing... *Snaps fingers*. Got it! Shrimp. Shrimp makes everything better. Let’s add that. (Pickled, if you're feeling a little bit adventurous.) Ok, it’s perfect.

Now add a pizza.

You may be asking: Why did I just stick pizza and a waffle in my Bloody Mary? To that I say, ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to do and drink. We didn’t start this adventure to create any typical Bloody Mary. We came to create the Ultimate Bloody Mary that will be remembered for generations.

Bloody Mary Toppings - Bacon, Sausage, Pizza and More

Show us what you put in your Ultimate Bloody Mary! Let us know in the comments below or tag us @savoryspiceshop on Instagram

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