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Coastal Bay Seafood Seasoning

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Coastal Bay Seafood Seasoning is our answer to the Maryland favorite Old Bay seasoning, and it most definitely stands up to the original. Since Old Bay spices were purchased by one of the spice giants, the freshness of Old Bay seafood seasoning isn't the same, even though the classic recipe is. 

Use bay seafood spices on steamed crab, crab casserole and other fish fare. While this seafood spice mix is best with fish, it's also great in potato salad or with chicken. Coastal Bay seafood blend seasoning is also perfect with catfish or a homemade remoulade.

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Coastal Bay Seafood Seasoning Q&A

What's in seafood seasoning?

Seafood seasoning usually made up of a combination of dried herbs & spices, typically containing pepper, paprika, salt, mustard powder, cinnamon and celery. Our Coastal Bay Seafood Seasoning contains those ingredients, except for cinnamon, and including the addition of cardamom, cloves, mace and bay leaves instead.

What is Old Bay seasoning?

Old Bay seasoning is a classic seafood seasoning that was made famous in Maryland. It was created by a German-Jewish refugee in the heart of Baltimore. It was originally created as a spice blend for his sausages, but soon found its way to the cuisine of seafood and fish because of its location.

How do you use seafood seasoning for a seafood boil?

Use seafood seasoning mixed with water to create a seafood boil broth that will flavor all of the ingredients of your boil to your liking.

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Black pepper, Hungarian paprika, salt, cardamom, regular mustard powder, celery, cloves, bay leaves, mace