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Licensed to Grill is A Winning Gift! Save 50% This Weekend With Code WINNER50

Behind the Seasoning: Red Rocks Hickory Smoke Seasoning

Red Rocks Seasoning

There's nothing like cooking outdoors, slow smoking, and feeding hardwood sticks to the fire. The wood perfumes the air with a wispy smoke as it lazily burns to ashes and flavors the delicacy of the day. But cooking low-and-slow over wood means committing a lot of time to develop the signature flavors. Plus, you can run into many obstacles that might keep you from cooking outdoors, like lack of equipment, bad weather, and being short on time.

So what do you do when you want the taste of traditional barbecue, but you can't go low-and-slow? We have a suggestion. Reach for Red Rocks Hickory Smoke Seasoning.

This long-time customer favorite features a mix of eight simple ingredients, but the flavor is anything but simple. This seasoning is a best seller and the perfect balance of sweet, roasted, salty, smoky, and peppery. It replicates the wood-smoked barbecue flavor you crave but without the need for a grill or smoker. Of course, you can also use it to get that classic flavor when cooking on a charcoal grill too. It's so good, and no one will be the wiser. So what should you use it on? Almost anything!

Main Dish

You can use this seasoning to step up your game for family burger night. Skip the standard ground beef and try Smoky Pork Burgers instead. We also have a vegetarian version which substitutes quinoa for the pork (which might sound far fetched but trust us on this one). These burgers make for a quick and easy dinner that hits all the smoky, sweet, and tangy notes.

Of course Red Rocks is great on a variety of meats, including favorites like steak, chicken, and pork. For a simple meal that can cook while you’re at work, try Slow Cooker Smoky Chipotle Pulled Pork and pair it with a baked potato. It's also great if you're cooking for a crowd, just add buns!



Don’t stop at main dishes. This seasoning can (and should) be used in side dishes too! For a quick flavor boost, add a few dashes of Red Rocks to your favorite pasta or potato salad recipe. It’s also tasty sprinkled on fries or tots.

Looking for fall comfort food? You can’t go wrong with creamy, smoky Red Rocks Mac & Cheese which gets a burst of umami flavor from the addition of canned tomatoes.


BBQ Butter is a super simple way to showcase this seasoning’s smoky flavor. Use it to baste steaks, brush on slices of bread before toasting, or drizzle on veggies before roasting.

Like many of our seasonings, Red Rocks Hickory Smoke Seasoning can be added to sour cream for a unique and Super Easy Savory Dip.

Keeping Red Rocks in your spice cabinet also means you’re always just four ingredients away from a quick homemade BBQ sauce. All you need is white wine vinegar, vegetable oil, beer, and ketchup for Red Rocks Hickory Smoke & Beer BBQ Sauce. Make a double batch, slather it on beef, pork, chicken, burgers, or veggies, and enjoy!


Quick Uses:

  • Sprinkle on shrimp before grilling
  • Add to popcorn for a smoky snack
  • Add to canned black beans before heating and serve with tacos

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Have you tried Red Rocks yet? Let us know your favorite way to use it in the comments or share your Savory creations on social media using #savoryspiceshop!

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