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Thanksgiving Cooking Essentials

Thanksgiving Cooking Essentials

Thanksgiving is the time of year to practice gratitude and to revel in the company of friends and family–but let’s be honest, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without gathering around a magnificent turkey. We’ve put together this list of all the Thanksgiving essentials you need for an unforgettable feast.

If you're looking for a non-traditional approach, try one of our Three Delicious Holiday Menus...That Don't Include Turkey. But if you want to trim your table with traditional fixings, start with the turkey and don't forget the sides (arguably the best part of the meal) and the dessert. We have the ultimate shopping list with all the seasonings you need to make the perfect holiday feast.

Turkey Brining Kit

What’s the secret to moist and succulent turkey every time? SALT. Brining your bird introduces flavor-enhancing salt and much-needed moisture into the meat. This kit includes an easy-to-use Brining Mix with just the right amount of salt, sugar, and seasoning to brine a 12-15 lb. turkey, plus a Brining or Roasting Bag. The bag help the turkey retain moisture while roasting, speed up the cooking process by trapping steam, and ensure easy cleanup. Detailed instructions are included with the kit and are available online.

Holiday Roast Turkey

Only available during the holiday season, this Holiday Roast Turkey rub combines classic savory flavors: sage, rosemary, onion and garlic, and thyme on a bittersweet paprika base. Using this seasoning is simple, just rub on the outside and inside the cavity of your bird. (Don't worry, the package comes with more detailed directions!) We recommend pairing it with our Turkey Brining Kit for the most succulent roast turkey.

Tip: If you don’t have a roasting rack, place veggies (like quartered onions and carrots) beneath turkey to elevate it a bit for the ultimate roasted flavor.

Poultry Seasoning

Capture the flavor of the classic stuffing (or dressing) with this traditional blend of sage, onion, garlic, and rosemary. Sage & Savory Stuffing is a classic but we suggest you cook it outside the turkey (read the full explanation about why). For something a little different, try Cornbread Dressing. And we won’t stop you if you want to add it to your mashed potatoes as well. Or the green bean casserole. Or the turkey....

Oval cooker with stuffing

Capitol Hill Seasoning

This blend of shallots and dill is a customer favorite and a must-have for the holiday season. Whether you're making deviled eggs or a simple dip for an appetizer, seasoning green beans or asparagus, or want an herby mashed potato, this is the seasoning to keep in arms reach.

Mulling Spices

The smell of these spices will immediately transport you right to the holiday season. If they spark thoughts of wine or cider, we don't blame you. But this blend of whole spices can infuse flavor into more than just drinks. Even if you have a secret love of the canned stuff, try Mulled Cranberry SauceMulling Spices turn this holiday side dish into the star of the Thanksgiving spread. This mulled cranberry sauce recipe comes together in less than half an hour and is sure to become your new go-to cranberry sauce recipe.

Mulling spices with cranberry sauce and oranges

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie go together like... well, you get the idea. It’s a thing. You can't beat a classic Old-Fashioned Pumpkin Pie recipe...but if you could, it would be with the family favorite from Savory Spice Co-Founder Janet Johnston grandmother, Pumpkin Chiffon Pie. The light, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth mousse filling is built on the warm flavors of Pumpkin Pie Spice and the buttery graham cracker crust is lightly spiced with Ground Ginger.

Tip: Pumpkin Pie Spice is also a great seasoning for other classic Thanksgiving desserts, like Pecan Tarts or Apple Pie Bites.

Spiced Apple Bake

Other Holiday Flavors You Might Enjoy...

Spice ‘n Easy Recipe Mixes

Spice ‘n Easy mixes were created to make homemade meals quicker and easier without sacrificing quality and flavor. Each packet contains a recipe, a small shopping list, and the spice blend you need to make that recipe. It’s that simple! Cut down on kitchen chaos by picking up these for an appetizer, a side, and a dessert.

Get the party started with a crowd-pleasing dip. These easy dips will ensure your family eats more than 10 black olives (stuck onto their fingertips, of course) from the vegetable platter this year.

This seasonal seasoning (only available through the holidays!) combines everyone’s favorite holiday flavors: maple, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange, rosemary, and more. Let’s get it straight though, this blend shines on more than just turkey. Try it on ham, salmon, brussels sprouts or roasted veggies.

Spiced Apple Bake
Use your favorite variety of apples to make this warm-spiced side that can double as dessert. Pair with vanilla ice cream (if you’re into that sort of thing). 

Cozy Cups Spiced Drink Tins

When the meal is coming to a close and before you're ready to turn those leftovers into a killer sandwich, you'll want a warm beverage. The tins included in this set come with directions for making the perfect cozy cup of coffee, tea, cider, or wine. Cheers!

What do you reach for? Share your Savory Thanksgiving traditions by tagging us with @savoryspiceshop on Instagram

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