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This Weekend Get 10% Off Spice Sets + Free Shipping With Code DADSDAY

Appetizer & Snack Recipes


20 Recipes
  • Pillowy Garlic Naan Recipe

    Pillowy Garlic Naan

    Grocery store naan never quite hits the mark. This garlic naan recipe produces naan bread that's pillowy in the middle, slightly crispy on the outs...

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  • Brazilian-Style Cheese Buns

    Inspired by pão de queijo--Brazilian cheese bread--this gluten-free cheese bun recipe produces perfectly puffy, fluffy, and cheesy bites.

  • Honey Sesame Fortune Cookies

    Fortune cookies are surprisingly easy to make at home! Sweet, nutty, and perfectly chewy, we see these take-out-style treats with a gourmet twist i...

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  • Apple & Brie Galette

    Flaky pie crust, crispy baked apples, and gooey Brie: the best of friends combined in this tasty treat.

  • Biscotti di Regina (Italian Sesame Seed Cookies)

    From the recipe author: Biscotti di Regina translates as The Queen’s Cookies...but I have no idea which queen favored them! We called them Jujulayn...

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  • Barbecue Crackers

    Pearl St. Plank Salmon Rub isn't just for salmon! Customize this recipe with your favorite BBQ rub.

  • Ghost Pepper Salted Guinness Pretzels

    The perfect bar snack gets even better with a soft pretzel made with the flavor of dark beer and a little bit of heat.

  • Baker’s Brew Cocktail Crackers

    These are delicious treats that can be served as an appetizer or a dessert. They taste great with a cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of red wine.

  • Buffalo Spiced Pretzel Pieces

    It’s surprisingly easy to make your own snacks at home. These simple, crunchy homemade pretzel pieces make great game day fare. Or make a double ba...

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  • Paprika Cheese Cookies

    From the recipe author—This is a family recipe from my grandmother (from the mid-20th century, at least). Nobody can eat just one! We like to make ...

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  • Buffalo Bleu Polenta Strata

    These pretty layered polenta bites make a classy, vegetarian alternative to buffalo wings for a party.

  • Irish Soda Bread

    This quick and easy Irish bread results in a deliciously moist and perfectly dense bread, ready for a generous spread of butter.

  • Southern Cheese Crackers

    A cracker that is great as a party snack, on a cheese plate, or crumbled on salad.

  • Muhammara Tart topped with Ras el Hanout Cauliflower

    This clever use of muhammara, a Middle Eastern spicy pepper dip, bakes up quickly and simply and is sure to impress any guests!

  • Saffron Maple Granola

    This ritzy mix of rich nuts and sweet dried fruit is elevated further with a touch of Saffron Salt.

  • Spiced Honey Mustard Dressing

    Put a unique spin on classic honey mustard with a balanced blend of maple sugar and black pepper.

  • Cheese Gougères

    These light and airy cheesy puffs are so impressive for how little effort they take. Mustard powder is the traditional seasoning here, but the doug...

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  • Cheese Twists

    These are so easy to make with store-bought dough. Divide up the seasoning to make different batches with a variety of cheese flavors.

  • BBQ Cheese Crackers

    These are an easy game day or holiday crowd-pleasing party snack.

  • Bloody Mary Scones

    From the recipe author: "Long leisurely brunches in the sunshine with eclectically flavored fare & fun cocktails are one of my favorite things ...

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