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Shop Great New Gifts! Hot Cocoa Bundle, Icelandic Salts, Measuring Spoons & More

Supreme Shallot Salt

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If you're a fan of garlic salt or onion salt, then you've gotta try Supreme Shallot Salt. Our idea to make a shallot seasoning salt was born out of having leftover shallot granules from making other spice blends. So, we took those shallots, combined them with green onion and salt to craft an oniony seasoning salt that's supreme to the others you've had before. 

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Use shallot salt as a substitute for salt, garlic salt, or onion salt. Add flavor and color to sauces and soups. Excellent on pork, beef, chicken, fish, and corn on the cob.

Supreme Shallot Salt Q&A

What is shallot salt?

Shallot salt is a blend of ground shallot powder, sea salt, minced green onions and white pepper. It's similar to garlic salt and onion salt, but uses shallots.

What does shallot salt taste like?

Shallot salt tastes oniony and salty, with hints of pepperiness from the added white pepper.

What are some recipes that use shallot salt?

Dip and dressing recipes are a great place to start trying shallot salt. We also like shallot salt in soups, stews and sauces, and it's great on meat and vegetables.

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Salt, shallots, arrowroot, minced green onion