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Moroccan Saffron

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Moroccan Saffron threads are one of the most sought-after & luxurious spices in the world. Use these gourmet saffron threads to add decadence to classic recipes that feature saffron, like risotto or paella. Saffron threads are also useful with breads and desserts, or sauces and stews for rich, standout flavor.

1 gram of saffron threads is weighed out and sold in a medium glass jar.

More Information

Many residents of this region belong to the Taliouine Saffron Society. This high-quality saffron is produced within about 10,000 square meters of land, comprised of individual fields located between many households. All members of the Taliouine Saffron Society use the same farming methods, which include planting saffron bulbs in piles of three, watering the fields 12 times a year, and using only natural fertilizers such as sheep manure. This community works hard with high standards to harvest this saffron and we are proud to have it on our shelves.

Moroccan Saffron Q&A

What are saffron threads used for?

Saffron threads are most commonly used for paella and risotto recipes, or bouillabaisse.

What are saffron threads?

Saffron threads are handpicked stigmas that come from the Crocus sativus flower.

How many saffron threads should you use when cooking?

Use only 2-3 saffron threads when cooking, unless the recipe calls for more.

How long does saffron last?

Saffron's freshness will last up to a few years as long as it's kept in an airtight container and stored out of heat and light. Like all spices, it will lose its freshness and flavor over time.

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