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Black Pepper-Free

At Savory Spice Shop, we grind many of our spices and blend all of our seasonings in-house. We grind shallots to a coarse size for many of our blends, but after grinding, we are still left with lots of shallot granules. So to us it just made sense; we have garlic salt and onion salt, why not shallot salt? With shallot salt's success we went one step further and created Supreme Shallot salt. We handcraft this blend from salt, shallot granules, minced green onion and white pepper.

Salt, shallots, arrowroot and minced green onion

Try using as a substitute for salt, garlic salt or onion salt. Use this to great flavor and nice color to sauces and soups. Excellent on pork, beef, chicken, fish or corn on the cob. Will enhance the flavor of many dishes; add some to your spice rack.

“I just made your Jamaican Jerk marinade for pork kebobs that I grilled. It was outstanding. I usually stick to the recipe for the first time before I later adapt it to my own tastes. This time, I am not changing the recipe one bit. It's perfect as it is. Thanks.”
- -Marie D. of Dickson City, PA