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Save 20% On BBQ Spices With Code SUMMERTIME | Free Shipping $59+
Save 20% On BBQ Spices With Code SUMMERTIME | Free Shipping $59+
Introduction to Our “Garlic & Onion” Product Category

Introduction to Our “Garlic & Onion” Product Category

Our Garlic & Onion category of spices celebrates this global love of flavor we share. Whether you're sprinkling time-saving Roasted Granulated Garlic into a homemade barbecue sauce or rehydrating Freeze Dried Chives in kimchi style cucumbers, these flavors unite us in ways only food can. 

To start off, here are a handful of essentials and hidden gems found in our Garlic & Onion category that, chances are, would be great in tonight's dinner.

Show us what garlicky and/or oniony dishes you've made by tagging @savoryspiceshop on Instagram. Go Behind the Seasoning: GarlicBehind the Seasoning: Shallots, or Behind the Seasoning: Onion to learn more.

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Savory Spice - November 9, 2022

Hi Nancy,

We are so happy you love the Onion & Garlic Tableside Sprinkle just as much as we do! Thank you for your review and sharing the ways you use this tasty blend.

Nancy Morris - November 9, 2022

Hello Savory Spice, It’s Nancy and I would like to tell you how much I love your Onion & Garlic Tableside Sprinkle. I use it in most of my recipes, makes an awesome garlic butter to which I add 1Tbsp to a stick of salted butter,olive oil, and parsley flakes. I also put it on the table for pizza night, it was a big hit by all. I also use it in my dry rubs for meat combined with your other bbq seasonings. Just wanted to share some of the ways I use your product. Thank you for making such great products.

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