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In Alabama and Georgia, chicken and ribs are the stars of BBQ menus. Smoked chicken with Alabama’s own unique, tangy white sauce and hot and fast ribs with the perfect char are essentials. But in the South, the sides really stand out too. Slow-simmered greens, rich mac and cheese, and delectable coconut cream pie are staples along with that classic Southern hospitality.

Barbecue Tips

'Cue Tip #28: Patience, Time & Air

"If you want to cook better barbecue you have to remember three things. Patience is key. It’s all about the time you’re willing to put into it. Control your air flow."

Ernest Zanders – Pitmaster and Owner of True BBQ, West Columbus, SC

Mike's Road Journal

Smitty's Market: Lockhart, TX

Nina Schmidt Sells started Smitty's Market in the space that housed the business her father, Smitty, started in 1948. That original business, Kreutz Market (which is our next stop), is now in a new location and is owned by Nina's brother Rick. Nina and her son, James, took some time to give me a tour, talk barbecue tell me more about the history of the place. Oh, and I also ate some 'cue including their ribs and sausage smoked with seasoned oak. #chasingbbq
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Smitty's Market: Lockhart, TX

BBQ Joint Finder

Charlie Vergos' Rendezvous

"Charlie Vergos' has a great team!"

52 S. Second St. Memphis, TN 38103

Two Bros BBQ Market

"Javier Rodriguez - Pitmaster"

12656 West Ave. San Antonio, TX 78216

Barbecue Slang

Pit Master (a.k.a Pit Boss) An experienced barbecue craftsman, who watches over the pit. Based on experience can tell by sight, sound, smell, and touch if the pit is running too hot or too cold, when it needs fuel, when to add wood, when to add sauce, and when the meat is ready.

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