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In Alabama and Georgia, chicken and ribs are the stars of BBQ menus. Smoked chicken with Alabama’s own unique, tangy white sauce and hot and fast ribs with the perfect char are essentials. But in the South, the sides really stand out too. Slow-simmered greens, rich mac and cheese, and delectable coconut cream pie are staples along with that classic Southern hospitality.

Barbecue Tips

'Cue Tip #19: Nice Smoke Ring

"If you are looking to compete in barbecue, you can ensure that your brisket will have a nice smoke ring by rubbing it with tender quick and rinsing it off. The tender quick helps the brisket absorb carbon monoxide, which is what causes the smoke ring. We don’t care about a smoke ring here, we care about the flavor and tenderness of the brisket, but it could help a backyarder to sneak up in the standings."

Jack Perkins – Owner of The Slow Bone, Dallas, TX

Mike's Road Journal

B's Barbecue: Greenville, NC

Day 26 is going to be a barbecue packed Saturday if everything goes as planned...maybe even a few bonus stops! My posts will be shorter with that in mind. Our first stop this morning was at B's Barbecue in Greenville, North Carolina. This spot is legendary, so much so that they've named the street they're located on after them...and not just in their little section but right through town! This place had old school barbecue joint written all over it. Here we met LaSander, the ch...
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B's Barbecue: Greenville, NC

BBQ Joint Finder

Louie Mueller Barbecue

"Wayne Mueller - Owner"

206 W 2nd St. Taylor, TX 76574

Bob Roberts BBQ

"Pitmaster Mac"

599 W Lowndes Dr Columbus, MS 39701

Barbecue Slang

Brine A mixture of liquid, salt, and seasonings used to enhance a piece of meat prior to cooking. It adds moisture, as well as flavor, to the meat.

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