In Alabama and Georgia, chicken and ribs are the stars of BBQ menus. Smoked chicken with Alabama’s own unique, tangy white sauce and hot and fast ribs with the perfect char are essentials. But in the South, the sides really stand out too. Slow-simmered greens, rich mac and cheese, and delectable coconut cream pie are staples along with that classic Southern hospitality.

'Cue Tip #21: Pay Attention!

"Nothing is automatic in barbecue. There are all kinds of variances, from the weather to the size of meat and wood. 90% of good barbecue is the time and attention you give it, so pay attention."

Craig Blondis - Pitmaster and Co-Owner of Central BBQ, Memphis, TN

Dreamland: Tuscaloosa, AL

Today is day 20, which means I'm beginning the second half of the chase! Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa, Alabama was my 49th stop and one that was full of life and lively people. One of those lively people was Wynee, who is part of the management team. She convinced the gruff, but kind at heart pitmaster, JD, to teach me a few things about Dreamland and how they barbecue there.  Dreamland has been open and operating in this spot since 1958 and is still going strong. JD s...
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The Slow Bone

"Jack Perkins - Owner & Pitmaster"

2234 Irving Blvd. Dallas, TX 75207

Hay's Co. Bar-B-Que

"Aaron Hernandez - Pitmaster"

1612 South IH-35 San Marcos, TX 78666

Chip Kentucky barbecue term referring to crispy, chewy, diced pieces from the outer edges of smoked mutton and pork. These pieces are combined and served with thin, vinegary, allspice-flavored barbecue sauce called dip.