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Curry Exotics
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To achieve our version of this French inspired curry we first roast chopped white onion, shallots, cumin, garlic, black mustard seeds, black peppercorns, cardamom, fenugreek seeds and curry leaves. We then grind them into a coarse powder and thoroughly mix in salt, turmeric, white sugar and hickory smoke flavor on a malto-dextrin base until we get our highly flavorful and smoky rendition.

Onion, salt, shallots, cumin, turmeric, garlic, black mustards, cardamom, black pepper, fenugreek, sugar, hickory smoke flavoring and curry leaves

Our Vadouvan has an exquisite, smoky onion flavor. Remember though that it is a very delicate blend and will not hold up to a long or high heat cooking process as that would essentially cook off all of the great subtleties. For those processes, try adding it toward the end of the cooking time so the flavor will shine. Use this curry in compound butters, dressings and marinades. Great to flavor crostinis, poultry, salads, seafood and veggie dishes. To convert into a paste, mix equal parts spice, olive oil and water. To make a thinner paste to use in a basting method for grilling, add a bit more of the liquids.

"A couple of years ago, on a whim, my fiancée and I tried some Vadouvan we got from your Denver store on popcorn. I hope whoever is reading this tries it with popcorn: air-pop it, drizzle with some melted butter or ghee, and dust all over with Savory Spice’s Vadouvan and a little salt. There's a smokiness and a slight sweetness to it that's really unique. It's the best popcorn I've ever had; we cannot stop eating it!"
- Patrick H. of New London, CT