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World Flavors

This French rendition of a classic Indian masala known as Vadouvan can be used in place of any curry. It brings a signature roasted flavor thanks to the process of toasting many of the spices before they are blended with the final ingredients. The result is a complex and deeply flavored blend with prominent aromatic flavor from the onion, shallots, and garlic.

Vadouvan Q & A

What is vadouvan?

Thought to have been the result of French coloinial influence in India, this seasoning is a version of a masala with the addition of traditionally French aromatics like shallots and garlic.

What does vadouvan taste like?

Made with roasted spices, this curry has an exquisite, smoky onion flavor and is earthy, garlicky, delicate, and eucalyptic.

How do you use vadouvan?

To use it as a base for curry, make a paste by mixing equal parts spice, olive oil and water. To make a thinner paste to use in a basting method for grilling, add a bit more of the liquids. Add to dressings and marinades. Flavor poultry, salads, seafood, and veggie dishes. Mix with softened butter for a compound butter, then spread on bread for flavor crostinis.

Cooking With Vadouvan

This is a very delicate blend which means it will not hold up to a long or high heat cooking process as that would essentially cook off all of the great subtleties. For those processes, try adding it toward the end of the cooking time so the flavor will shine.

Other Names

French Curry



Onion, salt, shallots, cumin, turmeric, garlic, brown mustard, cardamom, black pepper, fenugreek, sugar, hickory smoke flavoring and curry leaves

Dietary Information

Vadouvan - Nutrition Facts

Flavor of Vadouvan

This French-inspired curry is oniony, earthy, garlicky, delicate, eucalyptic, and roasted.

Uses of Vadouvan

Season poultry, seafood, and veggie dishes. Add to compound butters, dressings, and marinades. Sprinkle on crostinis and salads.

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