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Burnt ends, pulled pork, ribs...you can find a little bit of everything in Kansas City. Take a cue from the joints in this region and get creative with your recipes when making an at-home KC-style feast. Try our chipotle-spiked version of pulled pork or go for unexpected sides like like cinnamon apple baked beans. And definitely don't skip the sauce!

Burnt Ends

Traditionally, the “burnt ends” of a brisket were cut off each end because they weren't considered suitable to serve as brisket. Instead, they were given out as samples while people were waiting in line to order at BBQ joints. These flavorful, chewy, tender, bark-encrusted pieces ended up being desirable and eventually made it onto barbecue menus. To yield a lot of burnt ends, simply trim the outer 1 inch or so of the entire brisket and cut it into 1-inch cubes. (View Recipe)

Smoked Pork Ribs

We've smoked a lot of pork ribs in the Savory test kitchen, each time giving them a different regional barbecue flavor by using different BBQ rubs and sauces. We always use the 3-2-1 method for ribs (described below) whether preparing baby back ribs, spare ribs, or St. Louis cut ribs. (View Recipe)

Smoked Pulled Pork

Pulled pork can be found on BBQ menus across the country. Each region treats their pulled pork with different spices and sauces. This recipe is a nod to the Kansas City style pulled pork and features our KC Style BBQ rub. To complete the KC experience, try it with our small batch Midwestern Sweet BBQ Sauce. (View Recipe)

Slow Cooker Smoky Chipotle Pulled Pork

There's so much we love about this recipe, including the easy slow cooker method, but the suggestion to serve pulled pork over baked sweet potatoes might be our favorite part. (View Recipe)

Bucksnort Beef Jerky

This recipe was inspired by recipe author Abbey’s Grandpa Bill, who taught her everything she knows about smoking. He passed away recently, but not before sharing his famous “Bucksnort” beef jerky recipe (named after his Missouri farm) with his granddaughter. We’re thrilled to help Abbey honor her grandpa’s memory by sharing the recipe with our Savory family. (View Recipe)

Birtha DeBlues BBQ Sauce

A customer submitted this quick and easy Kansas City style BBQ sauce...and we love it! You can easily adjust the sweet, spicy, and smoky flavors to your personal preference. (View Recipe)

Pyramid Peak Raspberry BBQ Sauce

Raspberries don't have to be in season to make this fruity, spicy BBQ sauce. The pairing of lemon pepper and raspberry extract gives this easy sauce a zesty kick. (View Recipe)

BBQ Street Corn

We added a BBQ twist to Mexican style street corn. We love the easy method too...simply bake or grill corn cobs in their husks so they cook without drying out. Then finish them on the grill for great that classic BBQ char flavor. (View Recipe)

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Cinnamon Apple Baked Beans

Apple pie filling, meet baked beans. Use this recipe to give a sweet twist to everyone's favorite barbecue and holiday side dish. (View Recipe)

Spicy Citrus Slaw

Refreshing citrus and our spicy piri-piri ("pepper-pepper") chile inspired seasoning combine for the perfect amount of sweet heat in this crunchy slaw. (View Recipe)

Thin Fried Onion Rings

These take minutes to make and are one of our favorite toppings for burgers or any BBQ style sandwich. (View Recipe)

Beer Battered Green Beans

These lightly battered green beans resemble tempura and are perfect for dipping and snacking. They make an impressive sandwich topper for an unexpected crunch. (View Recipe)

Buffalo Fried Deviled Eggs

Yep, that’s right—we fried them. Surprisingly easy to make, these are definitely a conversation starter. Of course you could serve them the traditional way, but we think everything is better fried. (View Recipe)

Grilled Corn & Lima Bean Relish

This cool and refreshing salad or side is spiced with a kick of mild heat from a chimayo style chile vinaigrette. Toss it with shrimp or chicken to make a main meal out of it, or serve it as a side for a barbecue feast or southwestern inspired dinner. (View Recipe)

Chai Apple Turnovers

Pastry-loving spice merchant Amber from our Kansas City store submitted this recipe to honor Kansas City's apple harvest. According to Amber, there are "apples, apples everywhere. Cakes, pies, turnovers, breads, ciders, juices, dips...Kansas City loves their apples!" (View Recipe)