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Texas Recipes

The following is a list of our favorite Texas BBQ recipes inspired by Mike's Chasing BBQ road trip. What is Texas bbq? In Mike's experience, Texas barbeque plates included some combination of beef ribs, Texas style brisket, and sausage, as well as a condiment side of onions and pickles. Corn casserole, baked beans, and banana pudding were common Texas barbecue sides, as was anything with jalapenos. If you can't take a Chasing BBQ trip to get the best bbq in Texas, make your own Texas barbecue with these recipes. For suggestions on how to build a classic Texas barbecue plate, check out our Chasing BBQ: A Texas Feast feature article.

Backyard Brisket

A smoked brisket takes a bit of time, but it's a worthwhile weekend project. This backyard method via Bon Appetit is approved by Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas. (View Recipe)

Big Bad Beef Ribs

Everything's bigger in Texas...especially the beef ribs. Get the biggest short ribs you can find, lather them with yellow mustard and pickle juice, rub them with your favorite beef rub plus a ton of pepper and salt, and smoke ‘em. They’re delicious. (View Recipe)

Weekend Braised Brisket

You don't have to be equipped with a grill or a smoker to make this rich, barbecue inspired brisket. Braised for several hours in the oven with lots of onion, garlic, and your favorite BBQ seasoning, it's delicious served with potatoes or pasta. (View Recipe)

BBQ Master Sauce

No matter what style of regional BBQ you're making, you can adapt this sauce to fit by using your favorite Savory BBQ rub as the seasoning. (View Recipe)

Grilled Confetti Slaw

A mix of colorful cabbage and mini sweet peppers are grilled for a bit of char flavor and seasoned with a Southwestern inspired dressing of coriander, cumin, and chipotle. (View Recipe)

Green Chile & Cheese Grits

These cheesy grits are slightly smoky with a kick of jalapeno heat. Perfect as side for a beef, sausage, or pork barbecue meal. They're also great with eggs for a hearty breakfast. (View Recipe)

Smoked Beets with Balsamic Glaze & Herbed Chevre

Throwing beets in the smoker instantly turns them into a barbecue inspired side dish. Serve with toothpicks for an easy appetizer or over greens as a salad dish. (View Recipe)

Peachy BBQ Beans

Peaches pair with the sweet, smoky, salty, and savory flavors of barbecue seasoning surprisingly well, and they absorb this slow cooked baked bean sauce for a unique bite each time. (View Recipe)

Slow Cooker Bourbon BBQ Beans

The slow cooker does all the work for these flavorful baked beans. Season them to fit any regional barbecue spread by choosing a different style of BBQ rub each time you make them. (View Recipe)

Creamy Corn Casserole

This delicious sidedish lies somewhere between cornbread and a souffle. It makes a great side for a Texas-inspired barbecue feast, or serve it up for a hearty breakfast with eggs and sausage. (View Recipe)

Cumin Spiced Potato Salad

Spiked with tangy pickles, earthy cumin, and a ranch inspired dressing, this potato salad makes a refreshing barbecue side for beef ribs and brisket. (View Recipe)

Green Chile Mac & Cheese

Add a little Southwestern flare to a classic BBQ side with this Tex Mex inspired mac loaded with green chiles, cilantro, and corn tortillas, and topped with smoked paprika bread crumbs. (View Recipe)

Quick Pickled Onions

So easy and crazy addictive, you'll probably put these pickled onions on just about everything. They're especially delicious with a barbecue plate or as a topping for tacos or roasted meats. (View Recipe)

Cilantro-Coriander Pickled JalapeƱos

Spice up barbecue plates, nachos, grits, coleslaw, and sandwiches with this quick and easy method for pickling jalapeños. (View Recipe)

Bread & Butter Pickles

Whether you serve these for backyard barbecue parties or holiday feast meals, you'll probably want to double the recipe because they will disappear fast. (View Recipe)

Bourbon & Grilled Banana Pudding

This bourbon infused twist on a traditional banana pudding is the perfect finish for a backyard barbecue meal. (View Recipe)

Texas Sheet Cake

This no-fuss cake takes no time to make and it feeds a crowd - which makes it the perfect dessert to contribute to a potluck or party. (View Recipe)