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Lake Barkley Fried Chicken Seasoning

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Lake Barkley Fried Chicken is our blend of 11 herbs & spices that was created to be your go-to secret ingredient seasoning for fried chicken. To make the best homemade fried chicken, mix 1/4 cup of Lake Barkley fried chicken seasoning with 1 cup of all-purpose flour. Then, dunk your chicken in buttermilk and roll wet chicken in flour & fried chicken spice mix. Deep fry chicken in vegetable oil and removed fried chicken once it floats to the oil's surface. Repeat same instructions when using fried chicken seasoning in breading for deep fried catfish or perch. 

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Lake Barkley Fried Chicken Seasoning Q&A

What seasoning is good to use for fried chicken?

Most spices & seasonings are good with fried chicken, but typical poultry spices like garlic, onion, salt, pepper, and herbs like thyme, oregano and sage, all do well with fried chicken recipes.

Is it better to season your flour for fried chicken?

If you want the breading or skin of your fried chicken to have good flavor, then yes, it is better to season your flour prior to deep frying your chicken.

Should you season your chicken before deep frying?

You should season your chicken, both meat and flour mixture, prior to deep frying for full flavor potential.

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Salt, roasted garlic, onion, California paprika, black pepper, regular yellow mustard powder, sage, rosemary, Mediterranean thyme, parsley, Greek oregano