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TODAY ONLY, Get 25% Off Some of Our Most Popular Spice Sets!
TODAY ONLY, Get 25% Off Some of Our Most Popular Spice Sets!

World Flavors

The flavors of the world offer unlimited possibility. These international spices will help you create delicious meals, whether you are looking for Indian garam masala or tikka masala spices, Chinese five spice or Thai spice, Moroccan spices, Mexican spices, or European spices.
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World Flavors

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  • Bohemian Forest - European Seasoning from Savory Spice

    Bohemian Forest

    This European style salt-free rub is perfect for roasting meats or vegetables. The scent that permeates the kitchen is worth it alone, but the flav...

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  • Herbes de Provence from Savory Spice

    Herbes de Provence

    This is a classic blend originally created in the South of France. This blend has been a household name for hundreds of years and is a staple in da...

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  • Crushed Aleppo Chiles from Savory Spice

    Crushed Aleppo Peppers

    The Aleppo pepper, also known as a Halaby pepper, is named after the city in northern Syria famous for its chiles. Grown in the Middle East, these ...

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  • Tarragon Shallot Citrus Seasoning from Savory Spice

    Tarragon Shallot Citrus Seasoning

    French cuisine relies on sauces to build flavors, often using them instead of spice blends. This blend was inspired by a French sauce that uses bot...

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  • Broken Star Anise from Savory Spice

    Broken Star Anise

    Star anise has assertive warmth that creates a slight numbing effect in the mouth. The broken pieces are not of a standard size and can range from ...

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  • Mushroom Duxelle Seasoning Herbs from Savory Spice

    Herbs Duxelles

    Duxelle is a classic French combination of a chopped mushroom medley and shallots sautéed in butter until soft and dry. We’ve taken this idea, adde...

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  • Vadouvan Seasoning from Savory Spice


    Thought to have been the result of French colonial influence in India, this seasoning is a version of a masala with the addition of traditionally F...

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  • Lavender from Savory Spice


    Native to the Mediterranean, lavender is mainly cultivated in France and England but grows all around the world. Lavender has a sweet, floral aroma...

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  • Spanish Coupe Saffron from Savory Spice

    Spanish Coupe Saffron

    Spanish Coupe Saffron is commonly in dishes such as Spanish paella, Italian risotto, French bouillabaisse, Arabic lamb, Italian sauces, and holiday...

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  • 'Round the World Spice Set

    Take your taste buds on a trip around the world. Consider it your flavor passport to travel the world from your kitchen. Explore traditional Indian...

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  • Pakistan Rose Petals from Savory Spice

    Pakistan Rose Petals

    Here in the states, we don’t usually think of using flowers in our cooking, but in other parts of the world, many different flowers are regularly u...

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  • Fabulous Four Spice Set

    These are our superheroes of flavor. The seasonings that keep people coming back for seconds. Some are our bold spin on pantry staples, like Taco ...

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  • Grains of Paradise from Savory Spice

    Grains of Paradise

    Grains of Paradise is native to the coast of West Africa, stretching from Liberia to Nigeria. Also known as Alligator pepper, Atar, baking pepper, ...

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  • Trade Winds Spice Set

    Just as ship captains have done for centuries, you can go where the winds take you with this spice set. Inspired by a voyage across the Atlantic, t...

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  • Silk Road Spice Set

    Like the ancient Silk Road, the spices in this set take you on a journey from the luxurious flavors of China to the aromatic Chai popular in India ...

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