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French Tarragon

French Tarragon - Tarragon Leaves from Savory Spice

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The two types of tarragon, Russian and French, both originate oddly enough from Russia. Tarragon is a main staple in French cooking and a component of the French Fines Herbs blend along with chervil, parsley and chives. The taste of French tarragon is savory with light anise or licorice-like flavors and is preferred over Russian tarragon.

Tarragon, which actually translates to “little dragon,” was said to get its name because of its supposed ability to cure venomous bites from reptiles and snakes.

You can use tarragon leaves fresh or dried in a number of applications. It is commonly used in soups, sauces, chicken, fish and egg dishes. Tarragon is high in vitamins A and C and has been thought to stimulate the appetite.

Spice Map - Russia
Tarragon originates from Russia

Dietary Information

Black Pepper-Free

Flavor of French Tarragon

This herb is savory with light anise or licorice-like notes and pairs well with chervil, parsley, chives, basil, and dill.

Uses of French Tarragon

Season soups, dressings, chicken, seafood, and egg dishes. Used in many classic French sauces. When substituting dry herbs for fresh, use 1/3 of the amount specified.

French Tarragon Recipe

For 4 T of mix: Blend 2 T dried parsley with 1 T dried chives, 2 t dried tarragon, and 1 t dried thyme

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