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Flavor of The Month: Huli Huli Chicken! Free With $75+

Za'atar Seasoning

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Za'atar Seasoning, much like curry powder, has hundreds of blend variations and spice combinations. With our Za'atar spice blend, we blend sumac and toasted sesame seeds with cumin, salt and dried herbs like thyme, oregano and marjoram. While Za'atar is often used as a tableside condiment to freely add to any food, there are many delicious recipes to make with Zaa'tar seasoning. Make Za'atar chicken or Za'atar bread, or sprinkle on any seafood dish. 

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One of the best ways to enjoy Za'atar seasoning is as by making a simple paste for dipping and spreading.
Za'atar Spread Recipe - Mix 1-2 Tbsp. of Za'atar spices and herbs to about 1-2 Tbsp. of olive oil. Drizzle in oil slowly until you reach the desired consistency (a little more oil for dipping, a little less for spreading). It is great for dipping fresh bread, or for spreading on pita and toasting until crispy.

Za'atar Seasoning Q&A

What is Za'atar seasoning?

Za'atar seasoning is a tangy mix of spices & herbs commonly used at the dinner table and in cooking applications in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

What's in Za'atar seasoning?

Za'atar seasoning typically consists of a combination of herbs and spices like dried sumac, sesame seeds, salt, thyme, marjoram and various other seasonings.

What's Za'atar seasoning used for?

Za'atar seasoning can be used tableside to sprinkle on your meal as a finishing seasoning before eating. It can also be used to make many Za'atar-specific recipes, like Za'atar bread, dip and chicken. It's also great on seafood and lamb.

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Black Pepper-Free








Sumac, toasted sesame seeds, salt, cumin, thyme, Greek oregano and marjoram

Contains sesame