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A Buzzworthy Ingredient


with Ashlee Redger
Test Kitchen Chef
June 22, 2018
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A Buzzworthy Ingredient

If you look in your kitchen cabinet right now, I’m willing to bet that you’ve got a bottle of honey. If you’re like me, you might even have three or four—a bear from the grocery store and those local farmers market varieties of clover blossom and wildflower that I can absolutely never resist. It makes sense: honey is perfect for stirring into lemony tea during the winter to soothe a sore throat or for making summertime cocktails. We have a not-so-secret gem for you though, that brings that floral sweetness to your spice cabinet: Honey Powder.

Chile Cheese Popcorn
Chile Cheese Popcorn

Great on Snacks:

Are you a fan of kettle corn? Honey Powder is an awesome sweet popcorn sprinkle, perfect for a movie night treat. For another spin on this super flavorful snack, mix up the spice blend for our Chile Cheese Popcorn and sprinkle it on plain popped corn, along with a drizzle of melted butter or olive oil.

Toasty Tomato Bisque
Toasty Tomato Bisque

Enjoy Ripe Summer Veggies All Year:

In the Test Kitchen, some of our favorite uses for Honey Powder are savory. If you’ve read our Tomato Powder blog, you’re privy to my personal favorite trick: add a sprinkle of Honey Powder to off-season veggies (like tomatoes!) to add just a hint of the floral sweetness that will add a summertime ripe flavor to soups, sauces, salsas, etc. 

We utilize this tip in some of our tomato-based Spice ‘n Easy mixes, like Rustic Red SauceTikka Masala, and Toasty Tomato Bisque.  If you make our Southwestern Chili con Carne, try serving it with some honey-infused corn bread (or hush puppies) along with Honey Butter for real comfort food vibes.


A few more great uses for Honey Powder:




What’s your favorite way to use honey? Is Honey Powder already one of your go-to sweeteners? Let us know in the comments below! 

As always, we love to see your Savory creations. Show us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter by tagging your post with #savoryspiceshop.

Comments on this Article

(guest), on June 24, 2018

Powder makes it easy to make your own honey butter too!

(guest), on June 24, 2018

Are there any net carbs in honey powder. If so how many?

(guest), on June 24, 2018

What is your source for the honey powder. Not all "honey" is pure honey. Not all comes from the U.S. Imported "honey" may be tainted. I love the idea of powdered honey -- but if you buy those cutesy little bears at the grocery store you are most likely getting honey from China which has been shipped to India, mixed with their honey, and sent to the U.S. Is this really what you want to feed your family? Buy local honey and you know what you are getting. As for the powder, I'd love it -- if I know the source.

(guest), on June 24, 2018

How long will this honey powder keep for?

(guest), on June 25, 2018

Do you have PURE honey powder? The ingredients state "refinery sugar."
What is that, please?
Thank you

Ashlee Redger (registered user) on June 25, 2018

Thanks so much for all your questions! There are about 3.5 grams of carbohydrates per teaspoon of honey powder. Our honey powder is made with 100% pure honey from Brazil, Mexico, the U.S., and Vietnam. We recommend keeping your honey powder sealed in the bottle in a dry, cool place (like a cabinet!). Properly kept, it can last for upwards of 4 months. It can definitely last longer, but the sugar in the powder tends to pull moisture out of the air and clump up a little. This doesn't mean the product is bad though—you can still use it to dissolve into liquids or break apart any pieces to create a powder again. As mentioned above, the honey is 100% pure but refinery syrup is added as a crystallization aid to create the "powder" part of Honey Powder. I hope this helps!

(guest), on July 03, 2018

We bought this to put on our smoked almonds and pecans. YUM! It doesn't get gooey and sticky like honey, but has the great flavor of honey.

(guest), on July 03, 2018

Hi. Someone asked about the “refinery sugar”. I’d also like to know what that is. I assume that it’s added to the honey during processing honey into powder. Is that an accurate assumption? If it’s derived from regular table sugar, where does the table sugar come from? Many thanks for taking all these questions— I really appreciate it.

(guest), on July 03, 2018

Honey powder is also used in a panna cotta recipe from Damaris Phillips.

Ashlee Redger (registered user) on July 05, 2018

Yes, refinery syrup is used in the processing of Honey Powder and it is a useful by-product of sugar production. The refinery syrup in our Honey Powder is made with non-genetically modified sugar cane. Thanks for reaching out!

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