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Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste

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Our extracts are getting an upgrade! The labels look different, but the extracts are the same. Find them at a store near you coming this spring.

Our Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste will take your desserts and baked goods to the next level. This vanilla bean paste helps you easily add both a rich vanilla flavor and a beautiful, gourmet appearance  thanks to the decadent flecks of vanilla bean seeds in our pure vanilla paste. To use as a vanilla bean or vanilla extract substitute, replace 1 tablespoon of extract or 1 vanilla bean with 1 tablespoon of Madagascar pure vanilla bean paste.

More Information

Vanilla bean paste can be used as a replacement for both extract and vanilla beans. Use one tablespoon of paste to replace one tablespoon of single strength vanilla extract. One tablespoon of paste can also be used as a substitute for one vanilla bean, making it a great timesaver when doing lots of baking! This paste has the added benefit of a longer, more stable shelf life than vanilla beans.

Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste Q&A

How to use vanilla bean paste?

Use vanilla bean paste the same way you would use vanilla extract or vanilla beans -- in your favorite baking and dessert recipes! If using vanilla bean paste in place of vanilla extract or vanilla beans, use a 1:1 ratio.

Are vanilla bean paste and vanilla extract the same?

Vanilla bean paste is not the same as vanilla extract, though it has been formulated to match the same strength of flavor and taste. Vanilla paste contains flecks of vanilla bean seeds, where as vanilla extract is pure liquid.

Is vanilla bean paste better than vanilla extract?

Vanilla bean paste is the same as vanilla extract in strength and flavor, but sometimes can make a dessert look better by giving it a gourmet appearance from the vanilla flecks from the paste.

Does vanilla bean paste need to be refrigerated after opening?

Vanilla bean paste does not need to be refrigerated after opening, but we would recommend shaking it very well prior to using it!

Dietary Information








Black Pepper-Free







Sugar, water, pure vanilla extract, post extraction vanilla beans, gum tragacanth, and 0.1% potassium sorbate (as preservative), caramel color.