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Bourbon Barrel Smoked Salt

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Bourbon Barrel Smoked Salt is salt that has been smoked over bourbon barrels for a uniquely smoky flavor and woody aroma. This bourbon smoked salt is an artisan seasoning salt that is best used as a finishing salt for meats like chicken or steak. The subtle smokiness of this bourbon barrel salt elevates almost any dish to the next level. Adding a touch of bourbon smoked salt to desserts can also maximize their flavor potential. This was formerly known as Whiskey Barrel & Hickory Smoked Salt.

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Bourbon Barrel Smoked Salt Q&A

How is smoked salt made?

This artisan smoked salt is made by smoking previously used bourbon whiskey barrels. This smoke flavor is naturally infused into the salt, with no additives or artificial flavors.

What is smoked salt?

Smokey salt is when salt has been given smoke flavor, usually by some sort of slow smoking or cold smoking process. This one gets it smoky flavor from bourbon barrels.

How to use smoked salt?

Smoked salt is best used as a finishing salt on your favorite cuts of beef, chicken, or other types of meats. It can also be used while cooking for a much subtler flavor. It's also great as a finisher for vegetables, and even sweets like cookies.

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