Mexican Street Corn Seasoning

Mexican Street Corn Seasoning from Savory Spice
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The end of June to the beginning of September is corn-grilling season in Central America, and this summertime shaker is bringing your favorite flavors from Mexico to a corn cob near you. Also known as “elote,” Mexican street corn is grilled by “eloteros” (vendors selling corn from their carts), covered in fresh, creamy toppings, and served on a stick. This lime-forward seasoning adds easy, authentic flavor and bold color. So let’s get shakin’ and celebrate summer in style.


Cumin, lime fresco salt, annatto, ancho chiles, turmeric, aji amarillo chiles, garlic, makrut lime leaves, Mexican oregano, California paprika, cilantro, cayenne

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Flavor of Mexican Street Corn Seasoning

Earthy, bittersweet, and citrusy with sweet herbs and just a touch of heat.

Uses of Mexican Street Corn Seasoning

Not just for corn, try this versatile seasoning on beef, chicken, pork, and your favorite vegetables. Perfect for adding zesty flavor to rice and beans, quesadillas, tamales, and tacos!

Mexican Street Corn Seasoning Recipe

For classic Mexican street corn, lather grilled or roasted corn with mayo and sprinkle generously with Mexican Street Corn Seasoning, crumbled Cotija cheese, and cilantro.

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