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Smoking is an art form; proper care must be taken in smoking spices. We’ve sampled smoked spices for years but have passed on them because of their subtle smoke aroma and overwhelming muskiness. Not finding a product that met our standards, we decided to make our own. After testing a number of woods we settled on a mesquite and apple wood combination. The mesquite gives a barbeque aroma that draws attention, while the apple wood adds sweetness. We cold smoke Tellicherry peppercorns multiple times before naturally drying, to ensure that steam created by smoking has evaporated before packaging.

The first American millionaire was Elias Haskett Derby, who made his money importing black pepper. He used his fortune to endow Yale University.

Smoked peppercorns have a strong aroma but a mild smoky flavor, great for adding smokiness to your favorite meat dishes when barbequing is not an option. Try cracking smoked peppercorns over salads, soups, stews and more!

These black peppercorns come from the Malabar Coast.
“I have to say that I thought Savory would be too expensive for a cooking hack like me. I was not only surprised, but bought a lot more than I intended to. Almost instantly, my cooking has gone up a couple levels.”
- -Matt L. of Bend, OR